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  1. I just picked up a used Carr Rambler. I really like the warm sound I can get out of it.
  2. I tried out the Fender Tone Master Twin yesterday. Very light amp, sounds good, but no where as good as a tube Twin Reverb amp. IMO at a cost of one thousand dollars it's not worth buying.
  3. Looks like a no brainer. I listened to the video and It sounded great.
  4. Gitfiddler, have you tried out any of the Fender Tone Masters yet? For that matter, has anyone tried them out? I have not seen them in any music store yet.
  5. Marty, thanks for posting those articles, very interesting. I believe that part of being a master of anything is to pass on your knowledge to a deserving apprentice, just as John D'Angelico passed his knowledge onto Jimmy D'Aquisto. D'Aquisto took over hand crafting D'Angelico guitars in the 1950's. As long as their is an interest in high quality hollow body guitars their will be a highly skilled luthier to make them. The sad truth is there will be fewer and fewer of these craftsman and prices will continue to rise.
  6. Congratulations on finding and buying such a beautiful guitar. Wolf Guitars does make it quite easy to buy guitars from them.
  7. Nice purchase Rob. Is the pick guard plastic or wood? A really nice collection Baron.
  8. Lots and lots of great choices out there. I have been using A Fender Princeton, 15 watts and a Fender Reverb Deluxe, 22 watts. There is a more headroom in the Deluxe. Both sound great to my ear. I would figure out how much you want to spend, do your research on the internet. Then, if possible go out and try your top four or five choices to determine what sound you like best, and buy it, Happy hunting and let us know what you purchase.
  9. Rob, as long as your going with the Bigsby, take a look at the Vibramate Spoiler. It is a easy no tool install item that makes string changes a breeze. I put one on my H-535 that came with a factory installed Bigsby. It does a great job.
  10. I'm glad your new guitar finally arrived. It's beautiful. except for the strap locks, you might want to keep it stock for a while and get use to it. because you may end up liking it that way. Congratulations and enjoy.
  11. Welcome Rob and congratulations on your new H-530. I'm glad your going to post photos when that beauty gets to you. Most Forum members say without photos, it didn't happen. Nice to hear your able to jam with other musicians.
  12. Congratulations on your future amp purchase. IMO brown piping would keep your accent color choice uniformed.
  13. Several years ago I had lunch at the Crow's nest and then took the Heritage factory tour with Pete Farmer as our guide, It was a very memorable day trip for me. I wonder if Heritage will ever have factory tours again. I can only hope they do.
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