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  1. Imo, it's hard enough looking at a guitar in person especially if it's one you have lusted after. Worming is not hard to detect. At least the seller is willing to take the guitar back and refund the money. Reverb is specific in their guidelines for listing condition. Minty/mint in my mind means no buckle rash or worming on the back. The same color guitars can differ depending on the grain of the wood, how the guitar was stored who sprayed it, and so on. If I had asked questions about condition as ElNumero did, I would have also returned the guitar.
  2. I really like the look of the white plastic button, but I was advised not to purchase them because of what happened to yoslate.
  3. A couple months back I bought a used 2005 gold top H-535. A couple of nights ago while I was playing, the A string lost tension and I was unable to tighten it.. The guitar came with Sperzel locking tuners. After some time looking at the Sperzel web site, I noticed the company is based in Cleveland. Yesterday I called the company and spoke with Roger. He diagnosed the problem as being the failure of the plastic tuning button. After talking to Roger for a while, I advised him that Sperzel is located only 30 minutes from my house. Roger invited me to bring in my guitar and he would match the buttons with the housing. He recommended metal buttons that would not wear out like the plastic buttons. I just got back from Sperzel. Roger not only matched the chrome housing with chrome buttons, as a courtesy, he installed them for me. It cost me less than $20 for six chrome buttons. I really like the locking tuners. My hats off to the Sperzel Company and Roger for standing behind their products and are willing to go above and beyond in customer service.
  4. Congratulations, what a great color.
  5. I own a fair share of American made tube amps and I love the tone but not the weight. I am fortunate enough to have two residences. I play in a snowbird band in Florida and I was not going to lug around a tube amp, so I purchased a Boss Katana 100 watt amp. The Boss is adequate for my needs. I recently picked up a Quilter Labs 101 amp head for a backup. I like the sound of both amps. The Boss has a lot of features, so there is no need for a pedal board if you purchase the Boss footswitch. The quilter has better sound, which is amazing considering how little it weighs, but neither sound as good as a decent tube amp. IMO the Quilter sound is closer to the sound of a tube amp than the Boss amp.
  6. Collings, Gibson and Heritage semi-hollow body guitars are all great guitars. I have played a few Collings I35's and they are amazing guitars.I own a Gibson ES-335 and several Heritage H-535's. IMO it's not necessary to spend the extra money for a Collings or a Gibson when the Heritage guitars look. play and sound just as good as the more expense ones mentioned. Of course I would purchase a used Collings, if the price was what I would be willing to pay for it.
  7. I would send an email to Heritage along with a couple of photos. They are really good about answering questions.
  8. It looks fantastic, a job well done.
  9. I would not trade in that guitar. The H-535 is a totally different sounding guitar and I'd bet you will regret trading in your guitar. Change out the pickups and keep the old ones. A couple of years ago I faced a similar decision. Change pickups and a few other things or trade my H-535 plus some cash for a new H-535 with Seth Lover pickups. I did the trade and don't regret it. Difference being I traded for the same model guitar. IMO, keep the 516.
  10. On used guitars, I am only concerned with condition. I'm not partial to black guitars, but I have bought several based on their cost, condition and resale value. If you pass on that H-555 for $1,500 send the link to me. If the guitar is in excellent condition that is a fantastic price and you can't lose. If you end up hating the color, I know you could sell it for more than you paid.
  11. Musicians Friend, now Sweetwater, Heritage has certainly stepped up their game. Good business move for name recognition and sales. My guess is they may have trouble keeping up with demand.
  12. Great acquisition, enjoy.
  13. I had a H-535 with Schaller pickups. I thought about changing out the pickups, but traded it in on a new H-535 with Seth Lover pickups. I really like the sound of the Seth Lovers. The Schallers have a little too muddy of a sound for my ears and style of music. Sound is so subjective.
  14. Gitfiddler, that's a beautiful guitar you have there. I contacted Heritage Guitars today and Mike from Heritage advised me that they do not keep records of special order guitars as far back as 2005. He sent me the specs on the 2005, H-535. I am going to assume that my new guitar was a special order. I can see no evidence that anything was changed on this guitar and if anything was a professional certainly did the work. I did order a Vibromate String Spoiler from Stewmax today for the Bigsby.
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