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  1. Several years ago I had lunch at the Crow's nest and then took the Heritage factory tour with Pete Farmer as our guide, It was a very memorable day trip for me. I wonder if Heritage will ever have factory tours again. I can only hope they do.
  2. Very, very nice, enjoy.
  3. What a beautiful guitar!
  4. If you want to play the guitar before buying it, I have been to two guitar shops that are Heritage dealers. Wolfe Guitars located in Jupiter, Florida is the largest Heritage dealer in the country. In Cleveland there is Guitar Riot. Both shops are top shelf with knowledgeable owners and employees. I have purchased guitars from both places and I was not disappointed. Sweetwater and Musicians Friend also sell Heritage guitars. Happy hunting and welcome to the Forum.
  5. Thanks for posting that fantastic interview. You made my day.
  6. What a great birthday present. A great ending to your quest.
  7. Stunning, congratulations and welcome to the Forum.
  8. Very nice guitar, enjoy and welcome to the Forum.
  9. sounds like a nice road trip and a lot of driving experience for your son. I wonder if Heritage will have factory tours again in the future.
  10. Thanks for the quick response. I thought I read that somewhere. I play mostly American standards and jazz, but have been using half round 10's by D'Addario. I also like Gibbons L5 strings, which are also 10's.
  11. 11 flat wound or half round should work. I would be hesitant to use 12's. I'm not sure the nut would accommodate 12's without filing the nut a bit.. I hope someone with more knowledge on my last statement would chime in. Oh, by the way welcome to the forum Pete.
  12. Nice find on a great sounding amp. I own a black face DR which I bought new. It did come with a foot switch, but not a cover. Enjoy.
  13. Welcome. I do believe they were Golden 50's, at least that was what my first H-535 came with.
  14. Congratulations on a great purchase, enjoy. It is difficult to go into Wolfe Guitars and not buy something.
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