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  1. After watching and reading numerous reviews I decided to purchase Xvive wireless guitar system. It arrived today along with a couple bags of candy from Sweetwater. The system works great. I plugged it in and started playing as I walked around the house to areas where I could not hear my guitar amp. My wife stayed in the music room and said the sound was as if I was plugged in and playing in front of the amp. I'm looking forward to trying it out the next time I play a gig.
  2. Welcome aboard, what a beautiful guitar, congratulations on your purchase and retirement.
  3. Fantastic buy, congratulations.
  4. Last month my always quite Fender Princeton Reverb tube amp developed a loud hiss. I took my amp in to get it repaired at a high end retail shop in Cleveland. The owner was out of town and one of the employees advised that they sell amps but no longer repair amps. He did advise me where I should go for repairs. The recommendation was Shockproof Sound Services. I met with the owner, Blackie Pagano when I dropped the amp off for repair. I got the amp back this week and it sounds fantastic. If you live in the greater Cleveland area and are in need an expert tube amp repair technician, Blackie is your man. Check out his credentials on his web site, Shockproofsound.com There are not a lot of tube amp repair shops in Cleveland. I just wanted to give my fellow Clevelanders a expert repair shop option.
  5. Tweed with a 12 inch speaker, sweet. Congratulations.
  6. Excellent, thanks for posting the video.
  7. Welcome to the Forum and congratulations on the purchase of a beautiful guitar.
  8. Great job on a great song. I love the sound of your guitar. Play until you can't. To me playing is pure joy and playing a gig now and then icing on the cake.
  9. You certainly have a knack of finding great guitars up for sale. A really nice find.
  10. Wow, what a great purchase. I'm envious, enjoy.
  11. The Jensen C-10R might be a choice. It sounds great in my Fender Princeton Reverb.
  12. You sure got lucky to get that beauty back, enjoy.
  13. I tried out the Fender Tone Master Twin yesterday. Very light amp, sounds good, but no where as good as a tube Twin Reverb amp. IMO at a cost of one thousand dollars it's not worth buying.
  14. Gitfiddler, have you tried out any of the Fender Tone Masters yet? For that matter, has anyone tried them out? I have not seen them in any music store yet.
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