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  1. kennyv4

    Three of my favorite things

    A man with his priorities in order.
  2. kennyv4

    Re Surf Us

    According to the Heritage sight, the N would indicate the guitar was made in 1997. They don't list a pi on the site.
  3. Congratulations on acquiring a great amp.
  4. kennyv4

    My Man Cave of Amps

    Nice collection. It's too hard to figure out what your favorite brand is.
  5. kennyv4

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Thanks kidsmoke. I have owned at least 30 guitars over the years. The wife told me if I die before her what is she going to do with all those guitars, not to mention my amps. So I have thinned out the guitar herd. Besides the Gibson ES-335, I have a couple of Gibson Les Pauls, a couple of Fender Telecasters, and two Epiphones, one of which was made at the Kalamazoo plant in 1965. After playing the H-535 and seeing how they are made, I decided that I really want one. I loved the sound of a semi hollow guitar as well as the body size. I was looking at a Collings, but I really don't believe they are worth twice the price or are twice the guitar that a Heritage is. I have been looking at Reverb.com, craigslist, e-bay and a few choice guitar stores for a pristine used one to no avail. I will be spending some time this winter in Florida and will probably buy my H-535 from Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter. I am amazed that there are no Heritage dealers in the greater Cleveland area. I will probably sell one of my Les Pauls, otherwise I might start collecting again. 90% of the time I play the ES-335. After comparing my ES-335 to the H-535's that I played at the factory, I believe the H-535 is a better built guitar with a much nicer finish.
  6. kennyv4

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Thanks, I don't know if I order a new one or buy an already built one.I will be in Florida in January and am going to meet with the owner of Wolfe guitars see if he has a new one I like. If not, I will order one.
  7. kennyv4

    Special Invitation To New Members

    I'm Kenny V from Cleveland, OH. I took the Heritage Guitar tour a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the H-535. I don't own a Heritage at the moment but I have been looking for one. I was thinking of buying a H-535 with two Seymor Duncan Humbucker 59's. I have noticed a combination of the humbucker 59 in the neck position and a Seth Lover Humbucker in the bridge position on line. I play at lot of American song book music and jazz, but occasionally 60's rock. I'm looking for some feedback from H-535 owners about their guitars and choice of pickups. My current go to guitar is a Gibson ES335 with classic 57 pickups. I love the sound of this guitar and pickup combination. For the record, I have taken the Gibson factory tour in Memphis and the Heritage tour is far superior. I highly recommend going to Kalamazoo and go on a tour of the factory. Thanks