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  1. The good news is name recognition which will increase the value of new and used Heritage guitars. The bad news is the increase in value of new and used Heritage guitars. It's the right move for Heritage. Time will tell if it hurts the independent dealers. I am hesitant to spend $2,800 on a guitar I can't see and play before buying, heck that goes for almost any guitar. The thing that bothers me is on the old Heritage web site they listed their dealers. Now you have to call them for a dealers name and they also sell direct. You can buy a Gibson at the Gibson factory at MSRP, no discounts. All their dealers sell them at discounts. Heritage is not doing that. Seems the mom and pop stores may not be in the future of the Heritage game plan. Time will tell what Heritage is going to do. Whatever it is I hope they are successful and thrive.
  2. That is one beautiful guitar, enjoy!
  3. Scott, you have been on the planet long enough to buy a few things you want. You eared that right. I await to hear what your next purchase will be. Congratulations and enjoy.
  4. Scott, Consider yourself a lucky man if your wife bought you that guitar.
  5. I'm not a fan of relic guitars. I do like vintage guitars.
  6. Welcome to the forum Scott. I'm guessing you bought an H-535 which is the equivalent to a Gibson ES-335. What you purchased is a well made guitar which you will have no problems dialing in a nice jazz sound for your prefeered style of playi ng. I own a H-535 and mostly play your style of music. Iv'e toured both the Gibson factory in Memphis and the Heritage factory in Kalamazoo about five years ago and IMO your guitar is a better made instrament than the Gibson. I own both an ES-335 and a H-535, they are both great guitars, but my favorite is the Heritage. To sum up your question, you have many many hours, days, months and years of playing a really great guitar that you will love playing, that's what you can look forward to. Enjoy and let us know how much you like/love your new Heritage.
  7. I have been on a quest to find a light weight amp to bring to Florida this winter. I play with a group there and don't want to lug around one of my tube amps A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Quilter 101 reverb amp head, The head is great. Very small, light and easy to transport. I then purchased a Quilter Block 10TC speaker cabinet because it was also very light weight and had decent reviews. Well the speaker meets the needs for practicing at home but would never make it playing in a group. The higher the amp volume the worse the speaker sounds. We don't mic our amps. I am not knocking the build quality of the speaker cabinet. It is built like a tank , I just don't like the sound at higher volumes. The group only plays a couple of soft 60's rock songs., easy listening and a lot of 40's and 50's tunes, so the sound has to be clean. I returned the speaker. I have been using my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12 speaker and it does the job. I know the logical answer is to bring the Deluxe to Florida, but whatever speaker I bring, I am going to leave it in Florida and I use the Deluxe in Cleveland with several different amps. I really want a light weight 1x12 speaker cabinet for Florida. I have been looking at the Fender Bassbreaker 1x12 speaker cabinet. I also would like to keep he cost around $300. Do any of you have any suggestions or recommendations?
  8. A man with his priorities in order.
  9. Thanks kidsmoke. I have owned at least 30 guitars over the years. The wife told me if I die before her what is she going to do with all those guitars, not to mention my amps. So I have thinned out the guitar herd. Besides the Gibson ES-335, I have a couple of Gibson Les Pauls, a couple of Fender Telecasters, and two Epiphones, one of which was made at the Kalamazoo plant in 1965. After playing the H-535 and seeing how they are made, I decided that I really want one. I loved the sound of a semi hollow guitar as well as the body size. I was looking at a Collings, but I really don't believe they are worth twice the price or are twice the guitar that a Heritage is. I have been looking at Reverb.com, craigslist, e-bay and a few choice guitar stores for a pristine used one to no avail. I will be spending some time this winter in Florida and will probably buy my H-535 from Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter. I am amazed that there are no Heritage dealers in the greater Cleveland area. I will probably sell one of my Les Pauls, otherwise I might start collecting again. 90% of the time I play the ES-335. After comparing my ES-335 to the H-535's that I played at the factory, I believe the H-535 is a better built guitar with a much nicer finish.
  10. Thanks, I don't know if I order a new one or buy an already built one.I will be in Florida in January and am going to meet with the owner of Wolfe guitars see if he has a new one I like. If not, I will order one.
  11. I'm Kenny V from Cleveland, OH. I took the Heritage Guitar tour a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the H-535. I don't own a Heritage at the moment but I have been looking for one. I was thinking of buying a H-535 with two Seymor Duncan Humbucker 59's. I have noticed a combination of the humbucker 59 in the neck position and a Seth Lover Humbucker in the bridge position on line. I play at lot of American song book music and jazz, but occasionally 60's rock. I'm looking for some feedback from H-535 owners about their guitars and choice of pickups. My current go to guitar is a Gibson ES335 with classic 57 pickups. I love the sound of this guitar and pickup combination. For the record, I have taken the Gibson factory tour in Memphis and the Heritage tour is far superior. I highly recommend going to Kalamazoo and go on a tour of the factory. Thanks
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