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Finally...i did it!

I found my 2nd H-160v! 

As you can see is quite different from the one I already had (on the left): the body is clear while the other is almost cream, and even the fretboard is darker.

The other one has a hb SD Jeff Beck, this one is totally original!

I just wanted to show you my new toy... 😁


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35 minutes ago, Perilmeglio2 said:

E serial both, same age of production.

The "cream one" is always on a stand and is often played, the "white one" I guess has passed most of its life in a closet

They really are twins!

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I guess I am a little confused. I have what I think is an H-160 (fire engine red!) but it has the traditional strat five way switch. My Stat has the four mini switches like you H-160. So is mine just a later version?

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If I'm not wrong h-160v and Stat are different models, both have a "strato" shape but they are different.

From my research it seems that only 20 h-160v were made... so I had 10% of the world production of this model 😅


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Hey, thanks....mine must be an H-162. It has the pointy headstock and the strat style 5 way switch. It is really light so it must have a poplar body with a Kahler trem.

My Stat is a super strat style but mahogany body and maple top with binding. It has the 4 mini switches for the pick ups and set neck.

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Interesting....my H-160 has a serial number of E20207. They must have been building them at the same time. I thought they may have developed them over the years....like I said, mine has the 5 way switch and also a maple  fretboard.


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