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Hello from England, new 137 owner.


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I’ve wanted to own a Heritage ever since I saw Gary Moore playing his signature H150, many years ago. However, they rarely come up for sale over here, especially in the south west where I am, finally a 137 second generation, in TV yellow, from 2006 was offered to me and I jumped at the chance to own it.

  At nearly 70 years old, a full fat Les Paul is way too heavy for me and Fender scale guitars are too hard on my arthritic fingers, so the H137 is like a dream come true. Just restrung it with DR Veritas 9-46 which I’ve been using for some time and it plays and sounds fantastic.

  It’s had a replacement tailpiece fitted, a tonpros, which I’m in two minds about, firstly it had some sideways play that I’ve corrected with a small shim and now the strings line up better with the pole pieces. Also , I can imagine that if a string breaks at a gig, it would be a nightmare to thread a new string through quickly, so I might investigate sourcing a “lightning bolt “ as per original, thanks for letting me on the forum, Mike.

ps will have to try to resize and add a pic.

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