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I've had my Quilter MicroPro II for years.  It was a highly recommended and amazingly versatile amp with so many features, you could go into control-knob-paralysis fiddling with it.

But I found I kept the amp settings the same all the time, never used its second input for microphone/acoustics, nor changed the voicing beyond a couple of Fender style settings.

Not too long ago, Quilter came out with the Aviator Cub 1x12 50W Combo.

If you're a Fender amp fan, this is thee amp to have.

  • Tweed, Brown, Blackface inputs.
  • Digital Reverb (Very spring-like setting)
  • TMB controls, with a limiter (Compressor).
  • Effects loop with level control.
  • Plus unbalanced (1/4" jack) and headphone outputs for silent playing.

Has an excellent crunch and my pedals sing through it.

Being a 1x12 and less than 20lbs, its another perfect grab and go amp.

Seriously no complaints except for one trivial detail.... Made in China Aviator Cub vs. Made in USA MicroPro...



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I watched the video demo of this amp being compared to a trio of vintage Fender amps.  Very, very impressive.  Mr. Quilter seems to have pretty well perfected the art of making his amps sound as good as just about anything you could imagine.  You'll have fun with this one.


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