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H-137 DC Pickguard by the amazing Cryoman!


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Long overdue post!!

I want to show off this nifty pickguard that I have on my H-137 DC. The HOC's very own Cryoman came up with the cool boomering-like design and he was kind enough to fashion one and send it to me. So big thanks t o you, Cryoman! I love it!

I love this guitar, too, BTW! It's on my never-sell list, for sure. I honestly don't think this guitar has a bad sound in it. Most people seem to prefer the single cut version of the 137, but I've always preferred the DC with its round-bottomed, short-horned, Melody Maker-like shape. Even with the short upper horn, I find this particular model, at least, to be well-balanced when I play standing up. The chunky, '59-style neck contour quickly became my favorite after I acquired this H-137. If I ever take up playing slide guitar, this guitar will be what I do it on.

Anyway, I thought it would look cool with some sort of black accent on it and Cryoman's retro-futuristic pickguard really does the trick, imo. Thanks again, Pete!


H-150 Scratch Plate_CRYOMAN - 1.jpeg

H-150 Scratch Plate_CRYOMAN - 2.jpeg

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That's a spiffy pickguard!   Congratulations!  

The biggest challenge with the model is Heritage could only place dogear, not soapbar pickups, although you still can change that so long as you don't mind a few visible holes on the top of the guitar.

Even more, by some old agreement to make the 137, Heritage cannot install a pickguard.

Regardless, yours looks fantastic, the pickguard really makes the guitar look complete.

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8 hours ago, rockabilly69 said:

That shape fits the era that the Les Paul Specials of the world were introduced! I think it looks great!

Double cuts were what like 1959 and the juniors and specials were 54-56?


Looks great!!

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