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  1. I would like to see someone come in here and reply to that with, "I'm two types of people. Ive been avoiding both of them all my life". But I don't think it's going to happen.
  2. Yah, its funny, I personally packed and shipped at least 5 a week over 11yrs. Not one breakage. I didnt do anything special, stuck a guitar in a case in a box with a bit of bubble wrap and taped it up, stuck on the con note and sent it off. I wasnt the only one packing and shipping during the course of the week either. No breakages. They werent all LP's though. I never did a break down on the numbers of types we shipped.
  3. The pickup that I have had the most luck with in any guitar has been the SD 59. I was always hoping it would be something more exotic, something with a bit more cred. Fixed problems with the sound of PRS's, makes for a great HH strat. They sound good in a 335style guitar and my H150 never sounded as good with anything else. One day when if I get back into guitar I will take the antiquities out of the H150 and reinstate the 59s to their rightful place, and all will be good again.
  4. Cool! At first glance I thought it looked like a 70s Vantage body, but its not. Pretty sure PunkKitty called it right. Very GAX like. Does the back and bolt positions look like this?
  5. For me speaker swaps and experimentation ended searching for amps and OD pedals, and even p/up swaps. The speaker I settled on for my fender isnt made anymore and Ive tried celestions upgraded/replacement for it and it wasnt the same. The one I have only has to last another 30-40yrs.
  6. yeah, you are. Nice 575. Glad you got it back.
  7. Great tones! Tele sounds excellent. So does the H150 but the tele caught me first. Some really cool slippery licks in there. Ear catchers. Nice.
  8. Play often and post often. Nice playing.
  9. Nice group of Heritage guitars. Congrats
  10. Nice. Every time I see a natural 535 it brings back memories of one of the few stand out guitars I let slip through my fingers. I think if I bought it I may have not bought a lot of other guitars. Who knows? It just hadnt sunk in that what I was looking for was a 535/335 type guitar at the time. It took another 7yrs before I realised.
  11. Nice! Congrats. Look forward to more pics and a bit of a review.
  12. 20hrs ago he wrote the op and he's been chortling to himself ever since.
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