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  1. Fillmore 25. 6V6s. http://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/electric/fillmore-series/fillmore-25/index.html
  2. JeffB


    Wow! Nice! Congrats.
  3. JeffB

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    I think being disinterested and with no sense of urgency or focus creates opportunity. Thats the only way I can describe my life.
  4. I cant find any Au distributor. I sent out some emails and no one who responded seems to have any ideas who it might be. Could be a newer company. Heritage Inc didnt respond, I may have messed up the return email address or they havnt finalized the business end with a distributor, so no distributor to announce yet. Maybe they just dont check their emails. The only store I found that had any stock is a store that has 5 and 6yr old guitars, AC***** and AD*****. Mainly 150's and 157's a 155 and a 137 If I could get my hands on a 535 I would probably grab it. There are a few in Japan for sale but I dont have much luck keeping guitars I buy without trying and Im over the perpetual buying and then selling aspect of trying to find the right ones. If they get an Au distributor I can at least pay the distributor the freight for a buy on approval sort of thing at a local store, Ive done it before with TA's. Meanwhile the SA2200 and an older MIJ Ibanez are filling the gap, quite well.
  5. 73c in the dollar + freight + import duties + distributor mark up + store mark up + GST = one lung. Or in simpler terms, if its going to cost a lung I will get a Gibson, CS fender or PRS. There is no following for Heritage guitars here except for when they are being blown out the backdoor in a fire sale when the distributor realizes they will never make a bean off them. When that happens its cheaper for you guys in the US to buy them from Au than it is for you to buy them in the US. It happened in 2009 or 2010.
  6. Nomad 55, I hate that amp. It was great, I loved it. I wanted to smash it. Good sounds. Most frustrating amp I have owned. Some of the best guitar sounds on gig recordings I have got was using the Nomad. So conflicted about that amp. I would buy another one if one popped up at a good price, no problem what so ever. I gotta start playing again.
  7. MkV cold bias... I think. 5/25 different kettle of fish. We are 240v.....lol!! Honestly, its meant to be 240v but it can vary in some older places according to the time of the day. Ive played in the US using 110 and Japan at 100(I think) but Ive never side by side compared amps on 110 and 240, I think Brazil has some homes that run on both 240v and 110v. The transformer set up for location should even things out I guess. We dont have 60hz hum, we have 50hz hum. BTW, My Fender Concert II has fixed bias but has been about right since 1985(?) when I bought it. Set to 34ma I think. A Mesa LSC is 22ma. A power conditioner, as Conneazoo mentioned, is a worthwhile investment. Its just one of those utilitarian things that isnt as exciting as a guitar, amp or pedal to buy. The Concert II doesnt seem to care too much about the power it receives but the mesa's did. Low power creates a stiff uninspiring feel and thin tone, almost like a preamp tube is dying or the fx loop has dirty connections.
  8. Thats misinformation. Its incorrect. Its a great sales tool but its simply wrong. a lot of mesa owners dont run mesa tubes, visit the Boogie Board and read through some threads and it soon becomes evident that mesa tubes arent all that well regarded by everyone. I certainly never had any increased tube longevity using mesa tubes in cold biased mesa's and neither did every customer who bought a Mesa. Im being more than generous by not saying what I really think about that side of mesa's marketing technique.
  9. The Electradyne runs hot (or warm), the LSC runs cold, Roadking and rec series-cold, Stiletto-cold, Express cold, F series-cold. I had similar discussions with the local mesa warranty repair guy and with the distributors in house guy, theyre also a "guru's" and well respected. They think the bias thing is a nonsense and adhere to mesa's line. When you are financially invested in mesa tubes the last thing you want is people putting in bias kits so they can run any tube they want. Ive installed too many bias kits and sat with too many players while I adjusted the bias to their liking, Ive heard and felt the changes and done side by sides. I couldnt give a rats arse about what some opinionated little guru who is without the inclination to build a bias kit, install it and play while someone adjusts it thinks. Because if he cant do that simple little task he is excluding himself from a big part of the conversation. Bias adjustment doesnt just affect tone, it affects feel, and by a lot. Its the difference between a tight brittle feel, a loose spongy feel and everything in between. Simply installing differently graded mesa tubes into a cold set bias mesa does not do the same thing as a bias control. You can play a Mesa in stock standard form and be more than happy, most people do and are. I wont be putting one in the ElectraDyne.
  10. 1st thing I did on any Mesa was put a bias kit in it. Voids warranty. Never needed to use the warranty but Ive seen other people not so lucky.
  11. JeffB

    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    I know its "iconic amp" we are talking about but even a desk is an "amp" I think a neve consul and a couple of others need to be included when you consider the amount of great guitar sounds and fitting guitar sounds that have been recorded straight to the desk. In some of the incidences when these great tones were recorded straight to desk there was a bevy of "iconic" guitar amps lounging around in the next room going unused. Other times the amp and desk were equally as important and each functioned as parts of a whole.
  12. JeffB

    Heritage Website

    yep. 4.8 kilos isnt very heavy. I did think it was for a while, not so much now.
  13. JeffB

    Heritage Website

    My H150 is heavy for a guitar. 4.8kg, about 10.58lbs. All things considered, its not all that heavy compared to other things.
  14. JeffB

    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    Damn straight, Spectrum13!