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  1. Today I learned about, clamps, glue, and router speed and force. Dont buy cheap clamps. Glue wont wait for cheap clamps. I dont think glue and wood dust will hide torn out bits of wood satisfactorily. Just a proto type made out of laminated Hevea, rubberwood. Cheap. I bit off more than I could handle with the clamps I had available and the glue set and beat me before I could get the joints set properly. I did all the joints at once instead of taking smaller bites and doing one or two. The joints were always going to be tight but with glue in them as well it just ramped up the ti
  2. Nice set up! Perfect amp for my needs also, no preamp gain control getting in the way. How does it do with od pedals etc?
  3. Nice! An Authentic pre Gibbons Mesa. Cool amp, enjoy.
  4. Yeah, I got a version of the Harbor Freight jig and 14mm bit. Same, just rebranded. I finally got a neat set of joins and repeated it, depth and tightness. I used Jarrah timber for practice runs in the end, a bit tough to work with but no chipping and spitting bits out at me . I almost grabbed the Leigh jig but because Im at the start of this journey I had a reluctance to jump right in. I will use the cheaper jig for other projects, I can see its worth once I have become more proficient using it. You do great work! Would love to hang out in your workshop with you and try to learn a b
  5. This is all really hitting home after a couple of days of practising. Bit height, pressure, new pine. Ive been chasing my tail every new attempt. The bit Im using has a deeper cut than I want on the finished product but I have a weeks wait before a couple of shorter cut bits turn up in the mail, so Im just doing practice runs with the deeper bit and fine tuning technique and set up as I go. Pine is a pain in the neck, Im going to try a tighter grain hard wood. What jig did you use?
  6. Gibbons has a graveyard of once great companies out the back of their house. My first reaction when I heard the news was that I wouldnt ever buy a new mesa again, but I thought about it and realised I probably was never going to anyway.
  7. Dumb idea doing half blind dovetails. Why would anyone start there! Sheesh! Just setting yourself for frustration and failure. On the bright side, my workshop is set up and looking good. I feel like doing stuff in it. I also had a reminder that you can spend as much time searching the internet for products but when it comes to buying there are only 2 things in stock anywhere and your choice is the less of two evils. '20/'21, like living in a country town in the 70's as far as purchases go.
  8. Thats great work! Beautiful. I'll probably be bothering you for advice and ideas etc Im not anywhere near that level yet, not in conceptualisation or execution. Im going to do the prototype in pine because its cheap and I feel like I can practice without being too precious about wastage. I have old bench, table and drop saws from a previous life as well as router table and drill press etc but I havent really used any of it since around 2000. Even then it wasnt used to its full capacity since 1994. Ive been testing out, buying new blades and bits and fixing stops and clamps et
  9. Ive been playing around with cab design and ideas. Also playing around in the workshop with joints, dovetails, box, tongue and groove, etc. Decided Im going to go the mesa way and go with half blind dovetails. For no other reason than I think they look great, when done right. I think I can do it right, dunno, guess I will find out. Probably buy a jig. I did a few mock-ups of different joints and really only liked the look of the tongue and groove butt joint or the half blind dove tail. The half blind dove tail just seems to be the one that addresses a lot of other considerations and
  10. Sounds like a cool device. How loud is 1w turned up full? I guess with the master volumes and gain control it can be as quiet as you want. My 60w amp sounds better at quiet volumes than a 5w amp. There is no Carvin distributor here right now so I doubt I will get to try one out but it looks like something I wouldve been interested in at one stage.
  11. I haven't eaten ice cream for about 2.5yrs. Long story. Ice cream without sugar is just cold goop regardless of the flavour.
  12. I tried the Deluxe next to a DRRI and preferred to DRRI but did think that the TMDR sounded alright. Originally I thought the TMDR was quite a good buy for the price in comparison to the DRRI but after trying it Im not so sure. Sounded good and was light vs not really the sound and I don't need a light amp. tbh, I was just tire kicking when I was looking at them, I wasnt considering either the DRRI or the TMDR, I was just satisfying my curiosity.
  13. Im open to derailment. I dont feel like you went off topic at all, I think your posts added to the conversation.
  14. Looks great! Nice work.
  15. Okay! I can see them now. Thanks.
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