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  1. Nice looking H150. Congrats.
  2. No ones called me disciplined before. Im not sure how to react. I will have to let it sink in for a while.
  3. For some its not debt. Its about using someone elses money at a lower interest rate than their own money is earning. I dont carry credit card debt but I will use zero or low interest options on some items rather than lose the potential earnings of my own money. It doesnt have to be a lot to prompt me to do that. I work out the savings in terms of daily food or frequently used household items, maybe fuel etc. Might be that by using the cheap interest plan and not using my own money I save enough to pay for bread and milk, or a kilo of steak once a month, whatever, for 24months with the difference between the low interest plan and the earnings on my own money. Doesnt matter, if it is just bread and milk, its free..ish If you think that is obsessive, well, it is. Once I discovered the power of compound interest as a kid Ive gone out my way to engage with it.
  4. Never been particularly interested in chasing a particular tone Ive heard on record. I do have quite clear ideas about how I want to sound though. I am quite gain/od/dist averse. Mids are really important to me, if I cant get the right mix of upper and lower mids right out of the box I get frustrated. Initially wasted a lot of money on speakers, eq pedals and tubes etc trying to get amps to conform to my wants. Preference for big warm clean sounds with a sweeter top end means Ive always sort out amps with exactly that. Never had any luck with low watt amps or early break up amps. Ive generally found the sound I like with 60+watt amps, mainly with 6L6 power amps. It sucks really, theyre all heavy. Because of my dislike of gain/od the hardest part of buying amps has been finding amps with a od sounds I can get along with. Often sat with amps Im trying and got to the point where I realise "that is "the" sound! but I cant stand it!" I dont think I was built to play high gain rock'n'roll, as much as I like some of it. Took 40yrs to figure that out. Played a lot of high gain rocknroll in the meantime. Another preference is 112 open back combos. I love the sound onstage, and at home. Even if I was using a head I would always run it through an open back cab. The last few years gigging was a 112 combo with either a 112 or 212 cab and pedals for od. Best sounds I ever had. Gave me a lot of satisfaction to hear myself as I imagined I should sound. Then I quit! Ha!
  5. Timmy Turner being your avatar made the typos so much more fun. I actually read it with his voice in my head. Damn it, now Ive got the whole cast in there. Also, welcome to the HOC!
  6. Sometimes its cheaper to put things on payment plans than to pay cash and remove the opportunity to engage in future earnings on those dollars. Dont know if thats the case in this situation though.
  7. I really like your playing. Very smooth, very cool, tasteful. I had seen your vid of Scofield tune. That album is a favourite of mine. You do a great version. Keep playing and posting, I mean, if you want. Im all for it.
  8. None of my guitars have tuning issues regardless of the headstock shape. Or... I have tuning issues! I think somebody wouldve pulled me up years ago if that was the case.
  9. Ive put on 4kg/8.8lb over the last 8weeks. This is a very good development, Im excited about it. My H150 still weighs 4.76kg /10.5pounds. Verified on scales that are checked by officials 4 times a week. I wouldnt mind it losing a pound or so. If I stand on my bathroom scales and check weight then stand on the scales with my H150 and then deduct my weight from that it is inline with the checked and maintained scales.
  10. I would love to meet some of the members here in real life. Good people. I would probably have to start off the conversation by apologizing. Im not terribly interested in guitars at the moment but log on here everyday just to check out whats going on, check out pics of ngd's and listen to music thats posted.
  11. I would like to see someone come in here and reply to that with, "I'm two types of people. Ive been avoiding both of them all my life". But I don't think it's going to happen.
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