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  1. Wah and vibe, always seemed to me to be essential. Nope. Never were for me as it turns out. I like the vox wah.
  2. Did you seal the rift closed when you got back? I didn't. It's been problematic. Apparently 1100db will create a black hole and destroy the galaxy. Reminded of Disaster Area, a plutonium rock band from the Gagrakacka Mind Zones. A band so loud that there concerts contravened local strategic arms limitation treaties
  3. I think it looks overly complex. Looks like they extended it just to get the words on it. Im going to get mine out of the cupboard and smash out an open G chord. This threads inspired me.
  4. The jarringly shocking headstock is definitely a point of contention. A deal breaker. I like it. My only exposure to guitar stuff is the hoc. I don't social media and don't visit guitar Shoppes. It's kinda weird, the only guitars in the world right now are Heritage and some uninteresting brands that get mentioned here occasionally.
  5. JeffB

    Moving On

    Sounds good and good sounds. Cheers for posting.
  6. My H150 is way more relic'd than that! Its cool the way guitars are worth more the older they look.
  7. I like the wicker but the walnut looks good as also. Could be tempting to make different front covers for different occasions. Knobs also.
  8. fashion is for other people. Ive always owned mfx right from the first boss units. Some of them were garbage tbh
  9. I got the Boss MS3 exactly for this. I like the Kingsley Jester and Jetter Red Square od pedals I have and I use minimal fx but I wanted switching options like any multifx unit has. The few times Ive used the ms3 has been without the Jester or red square. The drives in the MS3 are pretty good, surprised me. I could see turning up to a gig with a clean amp and just the MS3. Ive read where people have mentioned a millisecond delay between switching between loops with the MS3, I havnt noticed it but I could see it might be a problem for some if its there.
  10. Bold move going for the stiletto ace. Such a galvanizing amp as far has opinion goes. I dont mind it, I found some good sounds in it. Im not a fan of V30's and I dont think they help the stiletto. imho the stiletto is one mesa that benefits from having a bias kit fitted and if you are going to play with older tubes etc even better for fine tuning to the tubes you are using.
  11. I cant find any Au distributor. I sent out some emails and no one who responded seems to have any ideas who it might be. Could be a newer company. Heritage Inc didnt respond, I may have messed up the return email address or they havnt finalized the business end with a distributor, so no distributor to announce yet. Maybe they just dont check their emails. The only store I found that had any stock is a store that has 5 and 6yr old guitars, AC***** and AD*****. Mainly 150's and 157's a 155 and a 137 If I could get my hands on a 535 I would probably grab it. There are a few in Japan for sale but I dont have much luck keeping guitars I buy without trying and Im over the perpetual buying and then selling aspect of trying to find the right ones. If they get an Au distributor I can at least pay the distributor the freight for a buy on approval sort of thing at a local store, Ive done it before with TA's. Meanwhile the SA2200 and an older MIJ Ibanez are filling the gap, quite well.
  12. 73c in the dollar + freight + import duties + distributor mark up + store mark up + GST = one lung. Or in simpler terms, if its going to cost a lung I will get a Gibson, CS fender or PRS. There is no following for Heritage guitars here except for when they are being blown out the backdoor in a fire sale when the distributor realizes they will never make a bean off them. When that happens its cheaper for you guys in the US to buy them from Au than it is for you to buy them in the US. It happened in 2009 or 2010.
  13. I have 2cents. I really like the DSL50 head. I prefer it to the 100w. Although I dont really play anymore and am not very tied up in a tone search where I did end up before I wound down was with a clean only amp and a Kingsley od pedal.....and a couple of other pedals also, but really its just the clean ch and the Jester. I have a Jouster on back order, only one year to go. The set up is really as versatile as any of the multichannel amps I had. I had a lot. As far as portability, convenience and floor space, its as manageable as a multichannel amp and really its no different in floor space, you need a pedal to change amp channels and reverb etc. I like a couple of Egnater dual channel amps, good cleans and some of the best vox/marshall od sounds(thats how they sounded to me ) What I didnt like about them was I didnt trust them. I always felt like they were going to break down. They never did, not in 5yrs anyway, faultless actually. Favourite mesa is the Electra Dyne 112. Deep big cleans, perfect crunch and grind(for me). Sat with one and a JCM800 and mimic'd the JCM800s sounds quite closely, the bonus was there was still more gain, mids and bass on tap in the ED. Down side - heavy. Every Mesa I owned I put a bias kit in. It made both the stiletto and Roadster come alive and feel right. The LoneStar took on a more personalised feel and the gain worked better for me. Turned the 3rd channel on the Nomad into something useable! thats a big deal! That channel sucked!
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