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  1. Damn. Just when I thought I was getting better.
  2. The Jester suits me and my amp/speaker pretty much perfectly. Good eq and gain from zero added through to saturated but not what I would call modern. Playing through my stuff it doesnt feel like a pedal even at low volumes. With my amp I just get the pedal and amp volumes matched and it feels like its just the amp. Some of the other od's Ive had I had to have them set above unity with the amp to get them to sound like they were part of the amp instead of sounding like they were sitting on top of the amp sound. My amp doesnt really break up at any volume, I havnt tried the Jester t
  3. Ha! What the hell was that about! I mightve been a little bit insane around that time. I think I've changed. Im not sure yet.
  4. I think its better before the amp. Every time I added another pedal it all got more convoluted. I felt like I had to have everything on so as to not waste it. Im not ready for sonic options.
  5. It would bring a kind of uniformity to the visual appearance of the board. The HoF was a pretty good reverb from what I remember. I had one on my board for a long time. Hardly ever used it.
  6. Wasnt sure about the order I should put everything in but this seems to be working.
  7. Very cool. Two friends both play H140's and they are both great sounding guitars. The black with the blocks and binding looks great.
  8. What a time to get interested in guitars again.šŸ¤”
  9. The V1 Jester I have is 45sq. ins (7.5x6) (lol, square inches, that takes me back! to....when I was 4!) Im using a DG Stomp for fx. I wouldve got the newer small box Jester but there was already a wait list and a 2nd hand v1 turned up locally for cheap.
  10. Its just slightly bigger than the V1 Kingsley Jester. So, its about right sized. I posted it kinda joking. I saw The Countess and The Sheriff preamps and The Duchess amp at a local store the other day and thought of this thread.I didnt try them but have played through some victory amps, they were okay.
  11. A nice cheap little bit of gear. Victory Amps Duchess V4
  12. Maybe its an incomplete "0" It looks too short compared to the other letters and numbers. I might just be seeing things though.
  13. It couldve been worse, could of lost a lot more data and I'd be tully again. Thanks for your work here. It is appreciated.
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