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  1. Rebuilding Relationships

    Ive been down this road. It was interesting, for me. What I thought would be a quick strip and paint, refret and rewire turned into a guitar building class and small and temporary cottage industry. Ultimately I didnt end up with the guitar, after all those years I just didnt like it all that much. A lot of effort for nothing. As I got close to completion I remembered the guitar was never ideal for me to start with. I ended up building 8necks and 9 bodies. I sold them all to fans of Steve Stevens, Glen Tipton and Andy Summers in the US and UK That funded my own project and gave me some spare cash. I learned a lot about guitars and had fun hanging around and using some cool machinery. I still have the templates and files from the scans. Ithink I have. I hope I have. If your guitar was as cool as you think it was go with a replica. If you remember its flaws maybe have a go at recreating it as you think you might like it to be.

    Cool! Ive just been checking out the SYN2. That could work really well with my set up. The Boss MS3 could control the SYN2. I didnt need this sort of fixation right now. Looking forward to hearing your review.

    Cool! do those modules work in the MTS heads and combo's or did I misunderstand? I thought the randall MTS series amps and modules were really good. Quite a heavy head(the 100w) from memory.
  4. Did not know that. Damn foreigners
  5. @Millennium Maestro We need some clarification. Well, me mainly, Im not getting it.
  6. I can see they partnered with BandLab Tech for distribution in Asia, and maybe over here, thats pretty common. I could understand the partnership with RS as far as other aspects of the business go from what Ive read about the things theyre wanting to get going but the thread title,"Rolling Stone purchases 49% of Heritage Inc and releases major plans" kinda leads one to think that a company that is 49% owned by a Singapore based company owns 49% of Heritage Guitars Inc. I cant find anything online to back any of it up.
  7. Does that mean Heritage Guitars Inc has part foreign ownership?
  8. I didnt see it in the article either. Im not sure what the partnership involves from that article. I cant find that anywhere on the web. I can find Rolling Stone sells 49 percent stake to Singapore's BandLab Which means if Rolling stone purchased 49% of Heritage Guitars Inc, well, thats interesting.
  9. Doing the ol' two-step

    Ive been going between the light and the darkness and I like them both. Pictures look better framed by a darker background.
  10. Doing the ol' two-step

    Ive been pushing all the buttons to see what they do and where they take you. Im liking this. Makes me want to buy a 535 so I can talk about it. Why is my avatar pink? Looks good. Think Ill keep it.
  11. Doing the ol' two-step

    Looks good. I mean, its freaking me out tbh, I dont know whats going on or how I got here. I will adjust. Thanks for your hard work.
  12. H535

    good looking guitar! Nice choices. Congrats.
  13. Custom H155M has arrived

    Unique Heritage! Very cool
  14. Repaired Values for Heritages

    People react to neck and headstock repairs differently. Some wont even consider it for a second and others just dont care as long as its done right. Me, if one of my own guitars required a neck or head stock repair I would be fine with it but it would be really hard for me to part with anything but loose change for someone elses repaired guitar even if I personally knew the repairer and even if I liked the guitar. Maybe I will change one day.