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  1. Only Heritage I have owned is my H150. My favourite, or the nicest Heritage I played was a H555. It wasnt the visual of it, a bit too blingy for my taste back then, it was simply a really wonderful guitar to play and a stand out in that decade of playing very many nice and high quality guitars. My own H150 is strange bird. Ive never really played a LP type guitar like it. Even other H150s Ive played arent like it. Its way to heavy but the feel and response is just so different. Ive never been sold on the colour of it and the weight of it is annoying. A few construction/assembly flaws draw my eye to themselves and I wonder what they were doing in the factory that day for them to happen and then again pass at QC check. Ive been on and off about it since 2007. I even listed it for sale but after hearing one guy play it I took the listing down. I doubt I could ever find another guitar like it because nothing has passed through my fingers like it even when I was in an environment where I had guitars moving through all day every day year after year. It was a big regret not buying the H555.
  2. Just wondering if I should get cerebral infarction so I can play like that. Sorry you had to deal with that and glad you are or the mend. Playing sounds great! Thanks for posting.
  3. All adulty an' stuff. Im just not mature enough for that kind of relationship and committent. If jazz was a one night stand I would be all over it. Kinda on topic. Kingsley Jester kinda killed my interest in od pedals. Its not that it was "the" pedal, its just that after using it I discovered how good a lot of od pedals I already had were. For time based fx I use a cheap boss multi and its as good, subjectively, as any of the spendy "boutiq'ish" stuff Ive have or have had. I think that to stand out as a pedal builder today you have to be either really bad at it or an exceptional self promoter because the market is flooded with really good stuff and has been for well over a decade and a lot of it is really quite cheap.
  4. Before steam power we had candle powered lutes. Rats were a valuable source of protein, we didnt play with our food. Edit: Apologies for the groans.
  5. Do you want to modulate the overdrive or overdrive the modulation? Both work, just up to your preference. I used to run everything into the front of an overdriven jcm800, it sounded good. Then I got into amps with fx loops and run time based and modulation devices through the loop and it sounded good. Then I rediscovered banging everything in front again and.....I dont think there are any rules.
  6. back in my day we only had steam powered amplifiers. The only pedals we had were to operate the bellows.
  7. I stared at jazz for quite awhile, a long while. I dont play guitar any more. Damn you jazz.
  8. It takes me so little effort to age a guitar. I dont even try - it just happens. Everything around me seems to age naturally, it doesnt seem to need any help. Funny thing is, some things never get old. Like my old guitars, for example.
  9. Wow! how cool is that! Thats just the nicest way to do do a transaction. Uwe, man, thats just the nicest gesture. Congrats all around. Cool guitar.
  10. Came for the grumpy rant. Left disappointed. I liked her frock.
  11. I have antiquities in my h150. It came with 59's One day when I get time can be bothered dicking around with it the 59's are going back in. A friend thought he was upgrading my H150 for me and snuck a set of antiquities in. I tend to just buy guitars I like and never have to swap out pickups. I guess the 59s just work for me in that H150 and the Antiquities dont.
  12. Very cool! Nice work. Thanks for posting.
  13. Billy Gibbons gets some pretty good results using a fuzz or five. I used to hate fuzz pedals until I accidentally dialled in one of the best od sounds I had ever heard come out of my amp using a fuzz pedal. Theres so many flavours and levels of fuzz its hard to know where to start. Mike Hermans demos are as good as any place to start just to get an idea what kinda range a fuzz pedal can cover. Here is one
  14. A friend used to play through an old 70's Acoustic brand guitar/bass amp. It was a ss head, I cant find pics on teh webz because if I type in Acoustic guitar amp I get rolands and other acoustic guitar amps. He used od pedals in front of it for gain. He had one of the best guitar sounds I had heard. He was a good player and musician. When I tried to play through his gear everything sounded clunky and it felt lifeless and it sucked all my self esteem. Eventually, around 2008, the amp died. Theres more to the story but its quite long windy and its already 2:00am. I think the key points are already all there.
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