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  1. some time I like to add delay to my reverb sometimes I like to add reverb to my delay. If I was gigging I woudnt use reverb. Some times a phaser/ chorus can sound great in between your drives/compressors and your delays and reverbs and sometimes phasers and flangers can sound great before your drives. Kind of like sticking them in front of a JCM800's gain channel. When ever I was learning a song with phaser or flanger and was having trouble getting the sound right quite often moving it to pre drive or post drive would get me closer to sounding like the guitar track I was learning. Sometimes I like to eq my guitar before it hits any other stomps, sometimes I like to eq the drive pedals, sometimes pre gain and somtimes post gain, sometimes I like to just use eq for solo's. At home, when I played, I never had a board set up because I always moved things around to get the sound I wanted. Always had the intention of getting a home board set up but everytime I got to playing and looking for the perfect sound I would end up dismantling everything. I bought a Boss MS "something" so I could preset the chain of all pedals anyway I wanted to quickly. It alters the chain according to how you want it without you having to take the board apart. Most digital switching/efects devices have this function. Theres no real right way if you play and record at home. For gigs/jams you can kind of simplify it and follow some general guidelines, pick your poison and go with it. For me, gigs and jams: Tuner(out of line), Comp, drive, modulation, time. Me at home is 30 pedals strewn about everywhere and only one or two plugged in.
  2. Harmony guitars?

    JJ Cales Harmony. He wrote recorded and performed some pretty good tunes with this. Pulled some cool tones out of it as well.
  3. NAD Bartel Sugerland

    Just spent time on the website and yt etc. Great sounding amps! Congrats, have fun with that one.
  4. Thats right. Kinda perverse sense of humour, making two threads about Edwin Wilson to be about Heritage headstocks. I dont even know who Edwin Wilson is, I had to google his name.
  5. thread about Edwin Wilson turned into a thread about a thread about Edwin Wilson which turned into a thread about Heritage head stocks. Wonder if Edwin Wilson will mess with the Heritage headstock?
  6. thread about Edward Wilson went straight to being a thread about the heritage head stock in 3 posts!!!
  7. Edit above: ...... its just *nice* to see.....
  8. All the Heritage guitar stuff aside, which is great, thanks for taking the time, its just to see all the words in that sentence spelled correctly.
  9. Maple fingerboards

    Made me think of the 70's LP Customs with the maple fret boards. I thought they were kinda interesting when they came through. They always attracted attention. I just cant get on board with the Custom headstock. https://reverb.com/au/price-guide/guide/3444-gibson-les-paul-custom-with-maple-fingerboard-1976-natural
  10. A WTF Moment

    I hope we can all make it through unscathed during these trying times.
  11. NPGD

    looks good. Either way. Excellent looking guitar.
  12. Maybach

    There are no more smokey bars. Everyone can read the name on the headstock and spot other differences.
  13. String Gauges?

    I used to use heavy gauges 11's and 12's but pretty much use 9-42's on everything electric except a yamaha that feels like it has 9's when it has heavier gauge strings on it, I think I have 10's on it now. I kinda like EB slinkys but used to get given strings so I just used what ever I was given and I think I got to a point where I didnt know what brand I was using unless they were elixirs, which I dont like. I wouldnt use Elixirs at home much like I dont like using V30 speakers at home. i only play at home.
  14. Your "swiss army knife" Heritage

    I dont have a 535 but based on the two 535 type guitars I have thats what I would go with. I use trem so a 535 with a bigsby type trem would be the one.
  15. New Guitar Day

    Nice!! Congrats