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Not sure if anyone guessed right, but here she is.

2023 Heritage H150 Standard Line.

First time I’ve seen the stamped serial numbers. No more letters to start. Interesting..

 Finish can look black, but it’s actually Oxblood.  

One thing I really love on the new Heritages, even the standard line is the neck is so much thicker! That’s what sold me on it.

My son and one his buddies wanted to go pick it up from the Factory, he loves that place now.  So a little road trip for them and a new guitar day for me… he did have the bragging rights of playing it first…








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I guessed incorrectly.   Mixed in blood off a neutered bull got to add some Mojo.   Sounds like a win win win win road trip.



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Oh!  My, my...  Nice snatch!

Perhaps a trip to the ranch is in order?


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Great guitar, Josh.  A unique oxblood finish.  Rock her out at gigs and play her in good health.

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6 hours ago, rockabilly69 said:

Sweet color! So what do those pickups sounds like? Weight?

It's not a CC so it doesn't have 225 pickups.  Personally, I love the new stamped into the wood serial numbers.  It looks so much more classy than the stamped white ink (that smears and no one could read it) or the 5 year old hand drawn serial numbers!

But I, too, would like to know what pups it has, how it sounds, and what's the weight?

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Standard Line .8870” - 1.00”

Custom core .8910” - .9805

As you can tell, not much of a difference.

Pickups in this standard are SD .59’s.  They sound just fine to me.

Tuners are the Heritage stamped.  So far they are okay.

*edit* I don't have a scale, but she's a hefty gal.  I've played it for over an hour at a time, close to 2 hours depending on the amount of time I have standing up.  I have a wide, cushioned leather strap and it feels rather comfortable to me.

I will be playing this guitar out, psychologically I feel more comfortable playing this instead of my 535 in a public setting.

Can't wait to take it to rehearsals on Thursday.  I'll get a feel for the pickups in the mix of the band plus see how comfortable it will be playing for a few hours.  Regardless, I'll have my Telecaster and another yet to be determined guitar ready for playing backup anyway.

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