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First Post Pandemic Gig (H550 Content)


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Sorry about the other accidental post.  Admin please delete it if you want/can.  Haven't been posting so maybe my skills have eroded!  My bad.

Here is the post i meant to do....


Hi my old HOC friends- long time no see....so nice to know that HOC is always here even when we've been away for a while.

Very fun evening with terrific musicians.  So great to play out again after all that isolation and challenge of the time.  Grateful to experience such an energizing and warm human moment again.

Venue was fantastic, with a green room, excellent sound engineer, ambient light show, and a large digital screen in the lobby with the music streaming.  

Was an amazing night.  Played my old pal H550.  (@MartyGrassyou might remember that ebony tailpiece you sold to me many years ago.)   She delivered the goods.  Got a lot of compliments on the 550.  Hats off to my bandmates who really brought the magic.  Pics below include a couple from the digital screen.



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Wonderful to hear from you.  Awesome return to live performances.  When I first became aware of Heritage Guitars, I spoke with Ren for a long time about my interest in a H-550.  He gushed about the model, referring to it a a real workhorse.  

Welcome back.

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Thanks all.

That H550 is a wonderful player.  Big, beautiful, and very player oriented scale, and neck.  Fairly feedback resistant, but not feedback immune.  She makes a great first impression and then backs it up with tone.  Mine is set up with Lollar Imperial low-winds. Great match for the H550 if you are looking for a classic jazz tone that can bring a little more bite by going to middle or bridge position.   Super versatile.    My go to gigging guitar. 

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I need to play mine more often.  Nice pics teaspoon!

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