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  1. Not sure since I don't own one. Here are a couple of other examples.
  2. Quick question for the masses... Will the ubiquitous 'Circle H' headstock become a collector's item or shamed down the road?
  3. @JayBecker: Welcome to the HOC! Prospects are unique and wonderful guitars. It's another model that Heritage should bring back into production. Yours looks to be in good hands. Play it in good health.
  4. OD pedals sing with their intended voice. I've used Ibanez Tube Screamers, White Face Rat Reissue and Zendrive, all sounding great to my ear. Also, I've connected the DV Mark to other speaker cabs (Mesa Black Shadow, Celestion Vintage 30's) and all sounded fat and clear.
  5. Being stuck at home and unable to play out with friends and band mates is a dangerous thing...for me. I have too much time to ponder, play, fantasize about what it will be like when we can once again make a joyful noise at clubs and gatherings. For long time I've been looking at more lightweight gear for those future gigs, but didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff to sit in a corner until then. So after researching the market for small amps, micro heads and cabinets, I decided to take a chance on a DV Mark "Raw Dawg" EG micro amp head (rated at 150/250 watts @ 8ohm / 4ohm). It has a wide
  6. OK, help me understand. Now there is a different headstock shape, new name (The Heritage) and inlay ONLY for Heritage 'Core Collection' models? And the Standard models retain the former headstock design and name (THE Heritage)? Bound Heritage headstocks are considered 'Custom'? What about the different sized Heritage headstocks (Small, Medium, Large) of yore? Are they still available as a 'Custom' only guitar? I'm totally confused.
  7. I find statements such as this very damaging to my 12 fret program to manage my intense G.A.S. Can't wait to hear reviews of these new pickups. Thanks for the info...I think!
  8. Any information or reviews of the new "225 Classic Humbucker" pickups? 225 Classic Humbuckers "Developed in-house and tuned specifically for this guitar, these prized humbuckers have a versatile tonal range that excels in any genre or tone imaginable."
  9. @MartyGrass~That's a beautiful H157 Custom triple Dual Blades!! Here's its triple HRW cousin...
  10. I made them an offer but got turned down......just like the volume knob on my Boogie. šŸ™‚
  11. Sunset-Burst H-525 has been posted on these pages many times, my friend. I am such a fan of that model that I did the unthinkable. I bought another one. (Thanks, again Dr. Mark!). The addiction continues! šŸ˜® Now one of my 525's has flatwounds for an amazingly old school jazz sound, and the other has round wounds for every other style of music. When I was a kid, my first three electric guitars were full hollow body, all were cheap Harmony gits. Ever since then I've been attracted to that thicker tone of a thin line full hollow guitar delivers. The Heritage H-525 is magic to me
  12. I may be late to the party on this, but I just noticed on the Heritage Guitar website, that the H-525 is no longer being made! That is one of my favorite models. Maybe since it fits right in between the H-530 and H-575, the new guys at Heritage decided to pull it. I think that is a mistake.
  13. There were two variants of the Roy Clark signature guitars. One was a single cut and the other, a double cut. Both were thinline. Over time Heritage made a few limited editions, custom models with varying inlays, binding, etc.
  14. Sweet playing on both tunes, Julian. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
  15. I love me some Grant Green!!! Also, check out ES330 jazz master, Emily Remler. https://www.jazzguitarlessons.net/blog/emily-remler
  16. These are the fine folks who did the engraving of the HOC H-137 truss rod covers.
  17. Bob, that is drop dead gorgeous. Total custom to the max. What's that bridge pickup? Looks like an old DeArmond gold foil.
  18. Hi and welcome to the HOC! You may be one of the first Mimi Fox owners who posted here. (Any others feel free to chime in) And what an entrance! That is one beautiful instrument. I've always wanted to check one of those models out. Based on Mimi's videos, she seems to be an excellent teacher as well as master jazz guitarist. Great that you've found an online instructor that you like. Play it in good health.
  19. That really came out nice! Play it in good health.
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