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  1. Did I read that correctly? Your H-140 has '61 Gibson PAF's?! Congratulations on your NGD and welcome to the HOC!
  2. Congratulations, PK. H-535's are something special, especially with great pickups and a chunky neck. Play it in good health.
  3. Umm...can I enter my #2 favorite amp? I picked this one up last year and have really been enjoying it a LOT. It doesn't have a ton of features or effects. It's simply an old school, 12 watt, 5e3 design, updated by Fender's Custom Shop that sounds amazing. They sold them as either a combo or head. Since I already had the matching speaker cab, I went for a slightly used head version of their Custom 57 Deluxe. #2...
  4. For me the Heritage Liberty amp sets the standard that all of my other amps are compared to. This modern day 'high powered (45 watt) tweed-based circuit' brings the goods no matter what guitar it is paired with. It absolutely sings with my H555.
  5. Excellent comments about guitar weight and guitar building in this thread! However, for me it's also an emotional connection to a new guitar. Yes, if the weight is too much for my aging, surgically mended shoulders, that guitar is not coming home with me. I made that mistake with a drop dead gorgeous Gibson LP Custom that weighed almost 12 lbs. Never again!! Nowadays if a guitar is 9.5 lbs or less I'll consider it...as long as I like the tone and build quality. Only then will I plug it in and wait for that special sensation, that emotional connection I get from some guitars. Typically those come home with me and remain for many years.
  6. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Have the dealer order an Eastman T64/vT as well as an H-530. Compare the build quality, feel and tone for yourself. That will help you make an objective decision.
  7. That mineral streak looks like a headless, armless stick-man dancing on your volume knob and tailpiece.
  8. Have you pulled the rear control cover off to see if there's any additional info?
  9. I also thought of the HOC-137 when I read PK's post.
  10. That's an informative video. However, I find that each pickup is different. It doesn't matter who the manufacturer is. In a guitar there are so many variables (wood species, dryness, density, scale, etc., etc.). Each needs to be adjusted to one's own ear in order to find the desired 'sweet spot'.
  11. If you spot Brent on your doorbell cam, run him off with a water hose. JK.
  12. Even better! Looking forward to your NGD post.
  13. Sam Ash only charging $12.50 shipping on that H-150? That's less than most of my Amazon Christmas gifts. I hope it works out for you, PK.
  14. @212Mavguy: I always learn something new from your posts.
  15. Yes, that is an awesome ES-225TD. And the H-535 ain't too shabby either.
  16. Great question. We all knew that the Heritage founders had to rename their Gibson-based guitar models. But I always wondered how they came up with the numerical names as well. My guess (based on zero inside knowledge) was that the number '5' (as in H-535) was a tribute to the 5 original founders (J.P. Moats, Marv Lamb, Jim Deuloo, Bill Page and Mike Korpak). That romantic thought is only a guess from a total outsider, but huge fan of the brand. The other obvious similarity (tribute?) to the Gibson model numbers (ES-335 vs H-535) appears to be a key differentiator by Heritage. Maybe others with direct insight into this mystery can chime in.
  17. That looks like a beautifully carved bridge.
  18. Another unique feature of 535's is the solid (not laminate) rims. Plus they put the input jack on the rim, vs. in the top. I've always hated the location of 335 input jacks. The founders must have had a reason for these changes/upgrades, and put them into effect right from the beginning of production back in the day.
  19. Nice looking 'Duane Burst" H-150.
  20. All of the old catalogue photos showed Grover tuners as a standard offering. However, back in the day the builders would do a wide variety of custom add-on or substitutions for customers or dealers.
  21. Congrats on yet ANOTHER gorgeous Custom Core H-150! Are guitars coming out of the factory with poor setups or is this a cold Michigan winter issue?
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