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  1. They closed all of the vibrato bars in my area due to COVID.
  2. The overall body shapes of the Millie and L5s are similar, but the 'secret sauce' of the Millies is their construction. They are constructed very similar to the Gibbons CS336/356 and Supreme. Here's a photo of the innards of the Millie that is much like the above-named Gibbonss.
  3. Interestingly, the old catalogues neglected to use "The" Heritage in their text.
  4. Congrats to seller and buyer. Keeping it in 'the family' is also cool.
  5. Welcome to the HOC. You ask a very good question. Check each source for their customer service, shipping fees and return policies and you'll be able to decide which seller is best for you. Good hunting.
  6. Very cool Caddy, Daniel! And what better way for a fan to express their appreciation for your talent? You are in good company with that ride. Here's another singer-guitarist posing with one of his many Caddys...also a 4-door.
  7. For anyone interested, here's the original thread from DB, announcing this very special Custom HOC H-137 guitar back in February 2020:
  8. Add binding and it will look better.
  9. The HOC is a much better place with the official and sanctioned return of our good friend, Marty Grass!
  10. The headstock and inlay is nice. My OCD focused on what appears to be photo enlarged imperfections, most likely smudges and dust. My first impression was that it was relic'd.
  11. As Smokey Robinson said..."I second that emotion!!"
  12. Edwin Wilson was very highly regarded by Gib-son aficionados over at the Les Paul Forum. https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?204129-The-end-of-an-era-here-s-to-Edwin-Wilson!!!/page3
  13. New headstock inlay design. Hopefully production models will be cleaner looking than this image. Distinguished Headstock Featuring the Heritage logo and a Twin Arrow inlay in vintage gloss, the headstock is complemented by 3x3 tuners laser-etched with Heritage graphics.
  14. Congratulations, again, TSP. That is one fine archtop. Play it in good health.
  15. Yessir. Prices have really skyrocketed for custom Heritage models. That's another reason I'm glad I grabbed one of the HOC H-137's.
  16. Spotted a couple of the H-150 Ltd. Ed. for sale at Musicians Friend and Guitar Center. And ONLY $3,999. 😮 https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/heritage-custom-shop-h-150-limited-edition-electric-guitar/l51852000001000?rNtt=heritage&index=10
  17. Welcome to the HOC. Beautiful H-150!!! Play it in good health.
  18. https://www.mlive.com/galleries/AZF2MFJS2RDRDPOOQJVK2RB7I4/ Katie Flamm rest the neck of a H535 Heritage guitar on her head as she applies wood filler before sanding on Oct. 29, 2007. Flamm has worked for Heritage Guitar for three years and follows a family tradition. Her father Claude Dean finished guitars for Gibbons and Heritage at 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo. At home in the evening, Flamm has also been teaching her 15-year-old daughter Kaleigh to sand wooden peg head veneers and pick guards. (Kalamazoo Gazette archive photo)
  19. Looks like it has HRW's. Mr. Burrell digs em'
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