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  1. I'm really enjoying this 'spare parts build' thread!
  2. That's great, PK. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Can you convert the chart into a PDF or other format so we can copy it?
  3. Very sad news. You've mentioned Jim many times over the years. May he rest in peace.
  4. Happy "Flame Friday"! Any new Heritage flamers in da house?! 🙂
  5. Based on the size of that iron, I predict a KPB810 Dumble Clone...or maybe a Super Duper Champ. 🙂
  6. What was your very first Heritage guitar? Tell us a bit about it and what convinced you to try Heritage. My first Heritage was a used Sweet 16. At the time I was looking for a high quality jazz archtop, and all of the Gibson products were way out of my price range. So when a Sweet 16 popped up on Ebay for $1,600 I made a bid, then went to bed, never imagining that I'd be the high bidder. The next morning I woke up as the owner of this beautiful Sweetie... She's long gong, but not forgotten. Now its your turn to tell us about your first Heritage! . 🙂
  7. Well done, Rob! Hopefully you will be able to do more studio work going forward.
  8. @EllenGtrGrlCongratulations on your 'new to you' H-530. Those are GREAT guitars. Play it in good health.
  9. Dang, that reads like a Viagra commercial!
  10. You might want to contact one of the dealers that sold Heritage amps. It's a long shot, but ya never know. Good hunting.
  11. Awesome H-150! Play it in good health.
  12. @PunkKittyWould a set of Duncan BlackBacks fit in your H-150? I have a set that came in my '04 H-150 and they're hot, but very toneful.
  13. Will, congratulations on your new-to-you H-530. It's a beauty. I owned the first production model, a 2015 Almond Burst, that has since gone to a new owner. As for availability, they seem to still be sold new from the factory, Musicians Friend/Guitar Center and Sweetwater's website. Hmmm...
  14. That came out great! I really like the location of the two Schatten controls on the pickguard.
  15. Late Friday night Flamey H-150...w/Korina body/neck.
  16. @High Flying BirdI love Korina Heritages!! And your buddy's 150 is one of the most striking examples.
  17. I tried ordering a couple of matched sets of JJ 6V6 tubes from Sweetwater. They took my order but said they are currently out of stock, but would let me know when they are received. All of my other tube suppliers pretty much said the same thing. My solid state backup rigs are a a couple of Roland Cubes (60 and 80 watts) and a monster sounding 250 watt DV Mark 'Raw Dawg'.
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