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  1. Nice vintage snatch. It sure looks a LOT like the catalogue photo. It even has the non-typical 3 adjustment screws per pickup as in the catalogue. Never seen that before. Could they be the same guitar??
  2. Need more info before any estimation of market price can be given. Millies come in a variety of different body configurations and custom options (including single cutaway; dual cutaway; Standard H-158; Deluxe; Hollow; Semi-Hollow; F-Holes; etc., etc. You might check Ebay and Reverb 'SOLD' prices of similar guitars to get an educated guess. Good luck.
  3. Welcome to the HOC! That is a beautiful Blues Deluxe (aka Prospect) you've got there. Those are great guitars!
  4. Welcome to the HOC, Josh. Great story about your acquiring your brand new H150 from the factory. Dirty Lemon Burst is beautiful. You are very fortunate to live in the Kazoo area. Also, your H535 pictured above sure looks like a Prospect to me. Maybe the photo is distorted. Do you have another image of it?
  5. @Genericmusic: The Freedom and Burrell amps are truly under the radar jazz rigs.
  6. Thanks for posting. A few years back we had a growing thread about Heritage Amps including Serial Numbers. I'm a huge Heritage am fan, especially the 45 watt 'tweed' toned Liberty model. I never noticed before, but the catalogue indicated it was available as a 2x12 or 1x15 combo. I've only seen them as a head w/2x12 cab like mine pictured below.
  7. The KING of Heritage Hot Rods has a Crown................
  8. Wow, great article. I'm glad Ren is doing better now, and wish him many more blessed years of great health.
  9. Each of the pictured Heritage (solid, semi and full hollow) guitars are indeed Heritage Hot Rods!! They are beautiful and get lots of 'seat-time' so to speak. If you play em and love em, that's all that matters. If you got em...lets see em!
  10. Millies are something special. You did good!
  11. I agree 100%. I understand the marketing behind making brand new guitars appear to be old, but can't get ready for it as a consumer of fairly expensive instruments. If its going to be damaged, I'll be the one doing it...for free. In my view the only advantage to owning a guitar that has been factory relic'd, is that there's no worrying about getting it dinged, scratched or scraped during ownership.
  12. Another factor when considering pre or post Golden Age Heritage purchases is the availability of now discontinued models. I did not see H525's, Golden Eagles, Super Eagles or Sweet 16's on the Heritage website. Also, there are no artist models (e.g. Henry Johnson, Kenny Burrell, or Mimi Fox). Yes, these and other models can be ordered as part of Heritage's Custom Shop...for a substantial price premium. Under the circumstances, scoring one of the many custom or artist model Heritage guitars from the Golden Age could be a relative bargain for current shoppers. But not for long.
  13. Hey, Erob...Welcome to the HOC. Your Heritage guitar buying analysis is well thought out. And yes, there may be a difference between pre and post 'Golden Era'/'Bandlab' instruments, but almost all of the comments about the new guitars coming out of Kalamazoo are very positive. I love my old H150 and H157 and have not had an opportunity to play any new ones. The best thing to do is actually play a 150 if possible. Not sure where you are located, but that's what I would try to do.
  14. Wolfe Guitars owner, Jay Wolfe, is a long standing HOC member. He posted a while ago that he has a few pickguards that should fit your Millie. Give him a call. https://www.wolfeguitars.com/
  15. I've never heard of ANY Mahogany top being tap tuned! That Eagle Custom is truly a one-off archtop hot rod Heritage. Also, that is an amazing back story about the possible previous owner, true or not.
  16. AWESOME! This is why we love our Heritage guitars so much. Any more out there?
  17. Sure looks like Korina to me. What's the weight? More importantly, how's the tone?
  18. @Steiner: I have lusted in my heart for that 575M Custom for many, many years. I thought it belonged to Dan (aka Spectrum). @Mr.G: 2 absolutely smokin' hot Hot Rod Heritages!!
  19. @Steiner: OK, don't tease us with a close-cropped photo. Let's see more of your gorgeous H575 Mahogany. It must be as close to an L4CES Mahogany (my favorite Gibson archtop) as Heritage could do.
  20. You are all correct. That middle gitfiddle is a 150. I got blinded by all the flames hanging on PK's wall of hot rods. 🤓
  21. Thanks, Steiner, but "Quilty 575" isn't a 'hot rod'. Guy's 'Money Pit' ticks all the hot rod Heritage boxes for me. Quilty 575 is more of a Cruiser...a low rider with tuck n roll interior. Smoothness and comfort are her forte.
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