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  1. Signed...Sealed...COA #04... Getting ready for shipping today!!
  2. Congratulations, Dave! Looks killer right out of the box. Too bad it's a 2nd. JK
  3. I just noticed your avatar guitar list. Is this your "Lucky 13th" Heritage?
  4. Not sure if the Heritage Guitars website is up to date, but in their top tier (i.e. super expensive) "Custom Shop Collection" section they include the following NAMM guitars: H-550; Golden Eagle; plus a few custom H-155M's, H-535's and H-137's. https://heritageguitars.com/collections/custom-shop-collection So I guess they'll build custom versions of our long time favorite models, but at nose-bleed prices.
  5. Maybe Heritage is simply 'trimming the fat' in its manufacturing operation, focusing on the most profitable products. Their custom shop can continue to provide an additional revenue stream, providing one-off, or customized instruments. Both scenarios make good business sense to me. The problem for them is the competition. They have to know that Collings, PRS, Gib-son and even Eastman can out produce Heritage. Whatever is going on at Heritage that caused the elimination of the H-137, I wish them success.
  6. Excellent! Will all of the HOC H137's have stingers and signed COA's?
  7. @111518. I hope the kids took LOTS of cell phone pictures and recordings of their last time together. If so, maybe start another thread to share them with us here. They will cherish their time together and with you for the rest of their lives. Now back to your regularly scheduled effects loop discussion. I've never used the effects loop in my Heritage Victory Head, but I will make a go of it.
  8. @111518. It's always great to hear from you, Larry. I know those kids miss their 'funk-meister' teacher...and his old fashioned coil cord guitar cable.
  9. Pete, the master luthier appears to be admiring his work. Very nice!
  10. You guys are very brave comparing guitars to women, especially since a few of them are HOC members. Just sayin'.
  11. Excellent playing, Busu san! And best wishes for your continued health and recovery.
  12. Gitfiddler


    Pardon my slight thread hijack... Heritage should contract the HOC's own Cryoman to provide his beautifully designed H-137 pickguards. Any customer wishing a pickguard on their H-137 should have them as an option. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread topic.
  13. Exactly!! We even had to read Encyclopedia Britannica by candle light for warmth and entertainment. Absolutely!! You must have seen me through the deep brown snow sludge and smog of L.A.!!
  14. Back when I started playing guitar, the only 'pedal' was a Vox Treble Booster or Distortion Booster. They plugged directly into your amp's Input; then you plugged your guitar cable into the Booster. We also had to walk 5 miles through three foot snow banks to get to school back then...even though I was raised in L.A.
  15. That 'scrap' would make a gorgeous pickguard...or two.
  16. If this parade of amazing Heritage beauties keeps up, we just might spark more custom jobs for the factory. Or maybe this will convince the factory that a few more models should be added to the current 'standard' lineup. Either way, let's see more of everyone's favorite Heritage guitars! What's in your closets?
  17. That 5 pc maple neck is crazy!! Didn't Paul also have a similar custom 150 or 157?
  18. I believe Spectrum13 has an amazing H-147 Custom. Maybe he'll jump in with a photo.
  19. Very cool, Paul. Looking forward to your H-575 NGD!
  20. They are shipped direct from MONO located in So. Calif. Since I'm in No. Calif. it may explain my early receipt of the gigbag.
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