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  1. To ALL of the newest members......................Welcome to the HOC!!!
  2. Excellent! Get back to building guitars...and not paying lawyers!!
  3. That transformed your 137. Now its a stunner!
  4. @k00klaPickguard looks amazing. Pete (aka Cryoman) is an awesome guy!
  5. @skydog52Paul, that's excellent news about Marv!!
  6. I have been asked that question many times over the years. Not sure if it is urban legend or fact, but several guitar forums have inquired about Gibson's 'new guitar smell'. The consensus is that Gibson sprays a pleasant-smelling scent in the new guitar cases (not the guitars). The guitars pick up the aroma while in the case.
  7. @TalismanRichExcellent and insightful post, Rich. But I'd like to know who makes the best smelling nitrocellulose. A new Heritage has a mild sweetness, but I love the vanilla scented NC that Gibson used at one time.
  8. Excellent demo! I love the way Grissom verbally explains how the amp was developed, plays a killer riff, then follows up on what we just heard it do. Having Sewel there, offering his technical input discussing the painstaking trial and error steps, was icing on the cake.
  9. Prayers sent for Bill and Marv.
  10. Brent, that H530 looks great on you! Rockin' good times at Bells.
  11. Awesome looking Heritage JS. I'm not surprised it sounds better than some Gibson JS models. Johnnie Smith moved away from Gibson due to his dissatisfaction with them. Not sure if it was due to lagging build quality, specs or tone. But based on what I've read, Mr. Smith worked closely with the Heritage owner/builders to get it right. Play that beauty in good health, and welcome to the HOC.
  12. Awesome H530. Oh, and Dibbs #2 if you decide to sell and Paul backs out. 🙂
  13. Awesome score, Mark! That is one of my all time favorite Golden Eagles. Play it in good health.
  14. Here's a cool article in the latest edition of "Jazz Guitar Life" that features Heritage artist (and fellow HOC'er), Vince Lewis! He tells the back story about his awesome 1991 Custom Heritage Archtop and more. Congratulations, Vince!! https://www.thejazzguitarlife.com/2022/06/16/jazz-guitar-beauties-custom-trans-amber-quilted-maple-heritage-archtop-vince-lewis/
  15. Brent, that blueburst 530 is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite HOC threads!!!!
  17. @skydog52As usual, Paul specs out an outstanding custom Heritage. Man, that amber model is killer!
  18. @111518Wow, it is great to hear from you again, Larry. And as before, you are still doing wonderful work with young people. Awesome! And that amazing Eagle acoustic is as drop dead gorgeous as I recall. That guitar will just get better with age and more strumming. Happy Holidays!
  19. Here are a couple of old HOC threads (2010 & 2012) where owners of Heritage Alvin Lee guitars are discussed:
  20. Well done...once again, Brent! That is a true piece of Heritage Guitars of Kalamazoo history you've got there.
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