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    Here is one of their latest beauties.
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    Once upon a time, deep in the mists of HOC history, some member here once owned a beautifully figured and finished H-170 that may have had an ebony board and trap inlays. The only oddity of the build was a Bigsby. For whatever reason, said owner of said guitar dubbed the Bigsby "The ToneSucker(tm)". He may have even taken pictures of the ToneSucker H-170 with his kids' cat, making various disparaging remarks. He was probably inebriated at the time, but who can say? Truth be told, that particular guitar, in that particular configuration, was an absolute monster. According to the legend, it played like the proverbial butter (not the cultureally-insensitive Land 'O Lakes kind, either; think the kind your great-great-grandmother made with a churn down on the farm) and sounded like the Voice of <insert-diety-of-your-choice-here> with the HRW pickups. It even had the cool black switch tip with the white dot, they say! In a bout of stupidity (something that happened over and over), said owner offered for sale the fabled ToneSucker(tm) H-170 here on the HOC. Who bought it is, alas, also lost in the mists of HOC history, and it has never surfaced again. The ToneSucker(tm) has, thus, attained mythical proportions and serves as a touchstone of what the original owners were capable of delivering during the golden age. Rob, Jim, Lyle, Brent, probably several others can back up this apocryphal tale as I believe they may have actually handled (or maybe merely laid eyes on) said ToneSucker(tm) H-170 at one of the early PSPs. I only repeat the story as it's been handed down to me. I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of any of the preceding.
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    Older models were actually built in the old building 225 Parsons, painted in the old Booth (used in 59 LPs), most will have gone through a post builder complete setup and have a certain mojo, different years had different necks and specs ... New builds are to a higher standard, better out the box. A lot less options with models and features but now a factory custom shop to facilitate anything outside the norm. In the ol days many of our friends at the factory earned a living making us special guitars, now the guitars are more cookie cutter, less of our friends and original owners are there now and the profits go towards the new corporations. And of course want something unique, money talks at the custom shop. As a former dealer, the factory is very standup, offering upgraded warranty on dealer owned unsold merch... Many off our orders use to be customs, I can tell you my Ol' guitars are stellar, Jay was very verbal that many times his merch' had a date with his plek. The factory now uses one. No way to go wrong!
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    OK...I've taken all of my "H" ladies to the woodshed for spanking. My all time favorite is based on good looks, great playing feel, excellent tone and overall versatility. For me there is nothing else that brings all of those qualities together like the Y2K Millennium Eagle.
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    It’s about to go out for a gig next weekend. It’s been since March this stallion has run for actual money. I’m playing any outdoor gig I can right now.
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    It seems Gitfiddler isn't the only one facing a difficult decision. I'm going to cheat a bit on this. I have to say I can't choose a favorite. Each has special sound and qualities that make it a preferred choice for different applications. For Classic Rock the H150 with ThroBak SLE 101s is my favorite. For sheer beauty of sound and looks, the Millie with Fralin Pure PAFs is my favorite: For versatility, my 535 with ThroBak ER Customs is a favorite: However there seems to be one I pick up and play most often, because P-90s.
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    Like many people here, the first Heritage that I owned, an H150, I bought from Brentrocks! And it was a good guitar, with pretty righteous sustain, but wasn't quite as resonant as I usually like, and it was a bit heavy at 10 lbs. So I sold it, and waited for the next Heritage to come along, hopefully one that was a bit lighter. I eventually found one that was 9 lbs even, in kind of an orange tinted burst (I call it Tangerene). It already had matching RS CTS pots, and RS PIO caps in it too! A few weeks after I got it, I had a bone nut installed, along with a really serious fret dressing, done by a very good friend of mine. I also installed a pickup switch ring, vintage amber colored switch-tip, and some Gibby reflector knobs with pointers, just because I like the way they look! And, oh yeah, when I bought it, it didn't have any pickups, which was fine with me, because I had heard of a guy that was truly hand-winding pickups (NO MACHINE AT ALL) and I wondered if it was hocum. His name was David Plummer and his company is called Zhangbucker. So I bought a set of his humbuckers that were based on his lower output Pagey set, but were totally hand-wound. Winds up, the pickups were perfect for this guitar, and soon as I plugged it in, I was hooked. The guitar just sang with double tones and a really good midrange! I was in the middle of recording a CD, and this guitar wound up being the one I used most for the electric leads, because it blended so well with my acoustic guitar. Since then, I bought another H150, and then went on a run of buying a bunch of Historic Gibby LPs, so I put the H150 into storage for a bit. But recently I pulled it out of the case. and I still like it as much as the day I put those pickups in it. And although it already had a complete hardware upgrade on it when I bought it, a Faber master kit, with locking lightweight ABR, locking lightweight tailpiece, and inSerts, I also wanted to experiment with different bridge inserts, so last week I put the FABER BSWkit into it, and it's even more wonderful. It's just a great Les Paul style guitar. And although it's the guitar used for all the fills on this song, you can really hear the tone of it @ 3:00 during the solo... https://soundcloud.com/daniel-weldon-1/blink-of-an-eye
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    The free MONO M80 soft case for the upcoming H-137 HOC arrived at my door today! Heritage has been keeping buyers up to date via email and photos during the build process. Classy!
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    Pete Farmer is THE MAN you will not be disappointed one of these days, if I can scrounge up some $$ I also have a special project I want him to build
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    A small sample before I got carried away with the heavy customization! (And Plaza Told me top stop! LOL)
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    Five years on I still really love playing this guitar.
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    My Florentine Golden Eagle (which sadly I have not played in years).... Or my 535 P90 which opened up into a tonal machine!
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    Great looks, great comfort, and great sound. Millies really hit the sweet spot.
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    As an "artisan aged" guitar player, I have no need for artisan aged guitars. Amps, on the other hand:
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    1. It's not complicated, DIY can but done but that's only if you're hard up for cash and I've been there, uhg. 2. If you're going to sell at any point buyers certainly ask "who did the repair" all the time. So, it's always nice to have a reputable shop/luthier do the repair along with receipts. It's not SE Michigan IIRC but David Collins in Ann Arbor the ****ing man and well known in the trade, at the least having the job done at his shop will look good on paper even though it's an easy fix. And, though it's simple on the surface a great shop will make sure your axis at all points are tight with a multi-clamp jig versus the old bar clamp in the basement job so the seams will be crazy small/tight.
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    Ok wow, my Luthier just installed the tonepros ABR with the Nylon G Saddles and it totally balanced out the 550! It tamed the pingy highs and it's way warmer overall. It def brought it a bit closer into the carved top realm. It did seem to reduce the overall sustain a bit, but the change did exactly what I wanted it to do It was a direct drop in:https://tonepros.com/avr2g-tonepros-replacement-abr-1-tuneomatic-with-g-formula-saddles/My takeaway for Heritage H550 bridge mods is go with the TonePros ABR with Nylon G Saddles, if your'e looking for more of a Wes type of sound and play with the tone & vol rolled back a bit on the neck PuP. If you want a brighter, ringy acoustic sound I'd go with a regular ABR with metal saddles, or just keep the Schaller. >>Thanks again guys, appreciate the guidance - Shes Rockin now!!!
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    This was a tough choice but my Academy is mine with ThroBaks in it. It just feels right in my hands and my ears.
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    If there is such a thing, that's a good headstock break. Not through the veneer (?). Looks clean; don't see a lot of wild-hair wood fiber. Should glue and clamp up nicely. Also doesn't look as though it will require a lot of refin on the break. Just get a good tech to do it. In three months you won't think anything of it.... Good luck, man!
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    First and foremost I'd like to thank our new HOC friend Uwe E. for being an incredibly cool and incredibly generous guy!!!! Uwe was kind enough to send me this 33 yr old Heritage classic back to Michigan all the way from Germany......for free and if that's not incredible enough, he overnighted it. I'm still blown away and can really only say: !!!!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL GUITAR UWE!!!!!!!!! So yeah....The guitar is even cooler than I imagined it would be, after giving it a quick rinse and some tweaking, I plugged it in and was quickly blown away with both the abundance of tonal variations as well the overall playability of the things. It freaking sounds GREAT, this is my first H with Schaller electronics and I gotta say that I'm really quite impressed with the STAT''s tone. I'm also loving the fact that it's a 25.5 scale instead of the usual 24.75 scale that each of my other H guitars have, it really makes bending so much easier! While the guitar certainly has a much different vibe than any of my other current H's, the tone and playability actually reminds me A LOT of the 2 Marvbirds I had for a while.....I guess it's terribly surprising considering that the MB's share the exact same unbound neck and headstock. Another bonus is that it's got that old familiar worn in "marv carve" feel to it, hell, I'd be shocked if it wasn't Marv himself who shaped it back in 1987. All in all, it's a great guitar and I'm still just a bit shocked and feeling extremely grateful for Mr. Uwe's generosity! Good times!!
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    I also fixed an old repair the was under the neck pickup ring. Years ago one of the short pickup ring screws broke off in the wood so I made and extraction tool and removed the screw. The extraction tool left a shallow 1/4" sized hole, so I just used a longer screw to bite into some new wood to fix it. That always bugged me, so I pulled the ring. and filled the hole left by the extraction tool with a mixture of maple sawdust and medium viscosity superglue. I let that dry for a few hours and then re-tapped the hole which now uses the right size screw! The repair is now solid and should easily hold for the life of the guitar. Here's a picture of the wet sawdust/superglue mix:)
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    well, how cool is that!! congratulations....and lucky you! or should I say: lucky Uwe ? ( groan terrible joke )
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    Here's a few pics of the STAT in action with Mr. Wonderful himself, may I present the one and only Uwe E!!!!! Thanks again, my friend!!!!
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    you should see the second half of my inventory...
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    I couldn't afford a pedal board, so I put my pedals on a board.
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    Skydog. That is yummie. Hog agree you should talk with MM he has some nice guitars for sale. You should also look at Throbak PUP's. Pete is great to work with and has decades of experience.
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    You created some fine customs; it's only logical to ask.
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    No not mine, Custom Shop creation for some Lucky Customer!
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    I love the fact that they can be seen on black and white TV's !!!
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    @DetroitBlues... i spoken few days ago on getting a custom build H157 with charcoal black transparent top and he offered Michigan maple... was a reasonable price point i felt and mentioned it be build by Pete Farmer the masterbuilder from Heritage.... Now i wonder if this or H157 lol....
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    Got the parts, Got the day off tomorrow, Got no more excuses ... Any bets how many connectors I solder in place without first sliding the screw-on cap onto the cable? 😎
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    Haha! I'm done with anything 'Harmony'. My first, second and third electric guitars as a teen were poor quality 60's Stratotones and an H72. I'm sure the new stuff is far better but I am done with that brand. Fast forward to the present...I am very excited about these HOC H-137's.
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    The H-575 has a solid carved maple top/back/sides. https://wolfeguitars.online/shop?olsPage=products%2F2019-heritage-h575-original-sunburst&page=3 They are incorrectly advertised by Sweetwater as having a laminate body. The H-525 does have a laminate top and back with solid rims.
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    I would be all over this if I did not already have more than my share of cool guitars.Plus I am now very, very poor. Good price for a custom Special from Heritage. They will fine little tone machines for sure. As Davie504 would say, "epic"!
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    Here's an H530 sold by Wolfe Guitars a while ago that had a pickguard. Maybe he can help you get one, or at least steer you in the right direction.
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    As stated above, Reverb and Ebay sold histories will give you a good idea of market value. Since you mentioned insurance, here are a few more thoughts to consider. (First, I'm not an agent) Most homeowner/renter/condo insurance policies include coverage for musical instruments as part of your Contents coverage. (Check your policy for specifics) If you use your instruments for business however, there may be restrictions or exclusions. High value items like expensive jewelry or vintage instruments typically need to be on a Floater/Rider endorsement that provides expanded coverage. That may require getting a written appraisal for certain property prior to them covering same. You should contact your insurance agent to discuss your specific situation. Also, if you are interested in musical instrument coverage there are a few companies to consider. https://www.benzinga.com/money/best-musical-instrument-insurance/
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    Thanks Matt. I do like the feel and look of a trapeze. It has a center block like the normal Academy. It also has f-holes in the back to access the electronics. Marv didn't want to put a cavity cover on it so I suggested the f-holes in the back. I have a Prospect built that way also.
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    Yooper has a point when he says that different guitars have different applications. I currently have six Heritages - four H150s (VSB, ASB, Trans Black and a Goldtop Special), a 535 ALSB and 575 Natural. If I had to choose one it would be the VSB. I got it via eBay for a very reasonable price, and it needed a little bit of cleaning and setting up by my local luthier. It has a nicely flamed top with interesting mineral streaks. After using it for a while I replaced the SD 59s with Bareknuckle Stormy Mondays, and the Schaller hardware with a Nashville bridge and tailpiece. Incidentally Doug and Pat's Shootout #2 featured the Stormy Mondays. Here's the VSB, firstly when I'd just got it and was giving it a clean, and secondly after all mods...
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    Here is the '93 137 I got my daughter for Christmas several years ago. Damned good guitar.
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    Glue and clamps. If you are unsure about how to do it, have a professional do the work.
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    Thank you Spectrum13! Very happy to be a part of the group. Added a couple of visual aids for you...
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    I have had a noisy tailpiece too so that could be it. that sound is not always easy to find or cure.
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    The real answer to the problem is to NEVER SELL ANYTHING! After all, you can always add a new wing to the house, or convert the garage to a climate controlled studio/guitar storage area. No sale... no seller remorse!
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    Nice story, really nice guitar and wonderful people! Well done!
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