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    Hahaha... In 2016 I standing inside of 225 Parsons and told a fellow member that the spirit of Heritage was dead. He didn't believe me. I suspect that the powers that, now, be at 225 Parsons didn't like a retailer selling their guitars so low and had their feelings hurt. Well... bless their little fuckin' hearts. Back in the day we all knew that Heritage would soon come to an end. It happened in 2016. I hope the old timers made a bucketful of cash when they sold the joint. I would have done the same thing if I were them. One prolific member here said that Heritage had Mojo. You can buy the building, you can buy the trademark and you can buy new blood but you can't buy Mojo. Can I get an Amen?
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    Back to the original OP. Back door deals are done every minute of every day. Companies do it for all kinds of reasons. Before we get on the new Heritage we can’t be so naive in thinking that the old Heritage didn’t do the same thing. The new Heritage just did it in a big and what turned out public way. I know of HOC members that brokered deals without going through “Dealers” including me. I fell in love with Heritage Guitar 25 years ago and will be a supporter until they close the doors. I’m from Michigan and I am proud of the Kalamazoo story. My 2 cents
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    Yup. I still check out HOC on occasion, cause there are lots of participants here whose opinions I respect, but, since the event Steiner describes, I couldn't imagine buying a new Heritage guitar. Forget the shape of the headstock; the label "Heritage" seems mockery. Owning and playing out with a Heritage once said something, or at least I thought it did, about honoring a community of craftspeople, in a world where such community has become more and more rare --and screw the hype of big-corporation advertising and lifestyle. A new one now says nothing to or for me worth paying to say: there are lots of guitars out there with impeccable fit and finish, made in pursuit of the corporate bottom line. I understand and respect that others have different connections to K'zoo and the instruments, and, feeling as I do, there hasn't been much reason to post --maybe the change was inevitable, and, I have no desire to discourage purchases by others from a company that provides much needed jobs, even if the nature of those jobs has changed. But, when I read Steiner's post, I couldn't help but think ... he and I disagreed often, maybe even usually, back in the days when this forum hosted some wide-ranging debate. On this point, we completely agree. Seems worth saying, and thanks to Steiner, and 'Bird, and Kuz, and Deytook, and others, for saying it well.
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    I love this guitar. Hou about that's sound? https://youtu.be/477RPEkzcoY
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    I picked up a 1991 Heritage Mark Slaughter at my local GC a couple months ago....I later found out that it was one of Marks personal guitars! I reached out to Mark and he was quite intrigued that this guitar had re-surfaced long after his ex-wife had sold it. I told him that I was going to be attending his concert in New Buffalo, MI on the 31st of January....Mark was kind enough to invite me backstage after the show so he could check out his old axe! Slaughter is touring in support of Great White and the show was last night. Both bands sounded great! I had never been to this venue before (casino venue) it was really nice...about 2400 capacity, sold out. After the show, my good friend Chris and I went back to meet Mark. Mark was very welcoming and hospitable. A super nice guy! He was pleasantly surprised when I handed his old guitar to him....he went on to tell everyone in the room the history of the guitar. Luckily, another patron in the room took video of the entire thing! I asked him to sign the back of the headstock....and he did so with pleasure. He hung out for quite a while, chatting and signing autographs for everyone. It was a great night! When Mark was getting ready to take off I pulled him aside and told him if he would like to have his old Heritage back that I would more than happy to let him have it. He said, "Brent, I have so many f****ing guitars....you keep it and enjoy it." IMG_1277 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1082 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1124 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1126 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1128 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1129 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1599 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1604 (2) by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1605 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1150 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_1151 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr
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    Pics or they are Bugeras.
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    Hey all! After doing a ton of research, I finally made the decision last night to purchase a Heritage Guitar! I got a Standard H-150 in Dirty Lemon Burst. From everything I researched, and from those I spoke with, I heard nothing but positive things about the new Heritage Guitars. From the way they are built to the fit and finish to the attention to detail with fret work, the feedback I received was all positive. I’ve heard they even rival some custom shop Gibson’s as they use real Mahogany, AAA Maple Tops, and real MOP inlays. I’m looking forward to getting tomorrow morning when FedEx arrives! https://imgur.com/a/puHDwS8
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    Hi everyone on the forum, My first Heritage is on a truck, hopefully gently rocking and rolling its way to my residence. It's a December, 2017 Cherry Red H-530. My small guitar collection is lacking in the hollow / semi hollow department. That style has only recently been represented by a Epi JB ES-355, and that's got a block. My every day playing guitar is a Collings DC-S and I'm thinking that the Collings paired with the Heritage should cover all the tonal possibilities I would likely ever need.. The Lollar P-90, even in the single pickup DC-S, provide a lot of tonal variations with just a volume and tone control and both guitars got 'em. My rig is basically different layers of boost with some modulation in order to obtain a big sound at low volume: compressor/fuzz/boost/vibe/overdrive/delay-reverb into a solid-state Tech 21 Trademark 60. I play almost exclusively at home these days. Will post pics once it arrives, since until then it didn't happen. - Warren
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    Here is the response I got today from Heritage. “Thanks for writing in. For our Standard H-150s, we PLEK in whitewood (before paint). This helps us in a couple of ways. One major benefit is quality control for the necks/neck pitch/frets. The PLEK catches flaws and we can act quickly if something is found, which helps us not waste time or lumber. There are always exceptions. After PLEK and during paint we do more work on the frets and then again in final setup. A PLEK is never enough since the frets still need to be polished and looked over to make sure the machine didn't make an error. Finally, we don't batch PLEK. We do them individually. That may be a difference but I'm not sure what others do.”
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    It has arrived and it's magnificent. Arrived in perfect condition. Super low action, nut is cut perfectly. Slim neck, should be a ripper. I might have to remove a spacer under the bridge pickup as it's super close to the strings on the side toward the neck and has obviously been getting in the way. For now I lowered the bridge pickup screws that had also been raised quite a bit above the cover. Very nice weight, no dents or dings, only one or two very small scratches. I'll plug her in momentarily and give her a spin. I have high expectations.
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    Hmmm... Where have I seen one of those before?
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    I went on a second amp safari yesterday returning to Holly, MI; the epicenter of an amp company that has been on the radar for a number of years. Greeted by George Metropoulos, I was re-introduced to his latest model, the DVL-1. A 4-channel amp with what’s referenced to a 65, 66, 68 and mod(ern) voices; each having a little more gain available. The amp also has a mid-boost and Mod switch available on every channel providing 16 different voices. All 16 are further changed, slightly, with the 50/100 watt and Variac switches; I suppose that makes 128 voices but, who’s counting? The soundtrack in my head is flush with the Marshall 1959 SLP (~Plexi) amp. The wall I’ve run up against is the noise I’ve encounter from owners of that particular model, and subsequent re-introductions over the years, is they are notoriously variant; I suppose it’s a lot like everything surrounding our hobby. This DVL-1 amp nailed what I was looking to find. I’m very happy it does because a deep dive into Marshall lore suggests that Metropoulos has consistently made the best for the last decade. As a fire-breathing, high-gain monster, it is pin-drop quiet. I’ve read and watched his interviews where he sets amp builders on their heels when describing his attack toward building the perfect beast. Wide-eyed Dave Friedman said: “Your going down a deep rabbit hole!” when he described following frequencies through the different signal paths in his design. Beyond his pedantic attention to circuit detail, this man has superb, professional chops. Watching him pull riffs and leads out of his back pocket is quite inspiring. While possessing the credentials to be well above me, he’s quite approachable and down to earth. Bottom line, should I need to bunker down and ride out the Coronavirus, I’ll have my happy NADs to pull me through.
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    A Sweet “16” non cutaway with a tap tuned top. Two piece maple neck 1 3/4 nick width Ebony Board dot inlays 24 3/4 scale raised fretboard parallel bracing Basically I would like to see a 20s L5 design Archtop from Heritage with the focus on acoustic tone not amplified. Oh, it must be Cremona Brown too!
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    Our buddy Jack. Always has a smile on his face and great stories.
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    I think Heritage is the genus, and 530 would be the species.... Uh..no, wait.... What?
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    New to this group. Picked up the guitar this weekend appears to be a h-127 custom with a custom headstock similar to the h-160v built in 1988 curious as to your thoughts
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    Just got off of the phone with the boys at Parsons St. We’re building something that they’ve never done before and we’re excited about it.
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    Hi my first post. My name is Brien I go by beoz. I just bought my first Heritage yesterday it is a 1986 H140 Tobacco burst.
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    Hello, Mike here. Posting as MikesGtr. Long time (multiple decades) Telecaster/Stratocaster player. Never owned a Gibson or Gibson style guitar, but always wanted an es335. Never found one I bonded with and now I know why. I was actually waiting for a Heritage H535 to find me and the guitar helped me find this site. Anyway I play in a 80/90's cover band in Massachusetts and having way too much fun playing guitar these days. From what I have read so far, it seems like there are some passionate Heritage owners and I am looking forward to reading the content on this forum and hopefully adding to the discussions when I can. Cheers. Below is my new baby.
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    It never hurts to ask them for compensation, or at least attribution. Especially if it is bothering you. I've found that a polite inquiry can result in either a check in the mail or removal from the site or attribution. Let us know how it turns out! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    You'll soon see, we are porn-centric here. Those shots of your ax are the pure Swedish variety. We should be called the Pictures Or It Never Happened forum. I coppied the web address of your shots from your photo site and pasted them here. Simple.
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    Congratulations you picked a beauty!
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    Nice snatch reviresco! For day 2 on the HOC, you really know how to make a splash! How is Sweetwater for sales? Beauty!
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    It's a major UK music store. i believe the name derives from Guitar Amp Keyboard. Not to be confused with "gagh", the Klingon "delicacy"
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    Nice! That's some sweet sustain.
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    Mineral oil. You can find it in any drug store in with the laxitives - guaranteed! Nice GT snatch Gianluca!
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    ...Have not been exhibiting any GAS tendencies for many, many months until the last 24 hours, I paid off my credit card yesterday. Oooops... Saw a VOS, actually NOS Valvo red print labeled E80CC/6085 dual triode preamp tube on Ebay, they often go for wildly varying prices anywhere from 45 to over150 bucks a pop before shipping. This tube has a gain factor that is low, somewhere around 12AU7 territory, mu of 18, but they put out a lot of current and are built to last 10,000 hours and they do sound fantastic. They are pin compatible with 12ax7. I have one that I stuck in the V1 position of my Red Plate Blues Machine a few months earlier to tame the "splat" that I hear at the pick attack of this amp's clean channel when using a flat pick and aggressive attack, the distortion lasts only a very short period of time and then the rest of the note sounds fine, it is a product of the tweed style preamp it has. This happens at all clean channel gain settings...I have another Red Plate, a really rare one, an Aurora 34 head, number 7 of the only 7 ever made, and it has the same preamp and also exhibits the same behavior. Anyway, I saw this tube's auction going for 20 bucks opening bid plus 10 bucks shipping, it had a late evening ending time, so for shits and giggles I tossed in a bid and went to sleep. When I woke up, I had won the auction for opening bid. Yaaaay! So that was the first auction thang for anything but fishing equipment for at least the past year...so now I can use the new tube in my Aurora 34. Part 2.... For a few days prior I had seen a Roy Clark up, finished in antique natural like my 555 and it had been sitting below market price from the original owner, also on eBay. I noticed that the closing time was (again) not at the optimum eBay prime time, in this case about three hours earlier than would have provided more desirable results for the seller price wise. The pics were quite good. The description was sparsely worded. One thing I found interesting was that the center block not attached to the back, unlike my 555, also a thin bodied instrument. It looked like it had been barely played... So after work today I did not have enough time to get home and use my laptop, and I had never used my cell phone to bid on any eBay auction before, I went to my favorite bar at the ski resort after a fantastic day of teaching, had a Stella poured and waited the last 21 minutes, sipping and drooling while watching the closing minutes' bids for activity hurling the price put of reach, started my bid/snipe process with 30 seconds to go instead of 8, had a couple fumble fingered moments of anxiety using the cell phone's dialer, but luckily put in the confirming bid with 10 seconds to spare at a price that I thought would win. Usually I hit the confirm button with only 3 seconds to go on the laptop at home. Luckily, there was no upward hurling of the price in the last seconds. My heart was truly pounding. When sniping, you either win or lose, you find out right after the auction ends, either a Yay! or a Waaaah! Occasionally, particularly in my tube auction activities I have been beaten in literally the last second. I have a NHGD on the way! When it gets here I'll A/B it with my 555 and share my thoughts after I perform the hours of due diligence tweaking the setup if necessary and pickup adjustments for both pickup and string to string balance. The type of pickups in it were not listed in the description, so I'm guessing Schallers. My 530 has those in it, they sound gorgeous in that one so am not worried. Likely they will sound hotter than the Seth Lovers in my 555. I did not get this at a retailer on a blowout sale, got this 21 year old instrument made by the "old crew" like I got all but one of my Heritage guitars and bass,...on eBay... for a price that was waaaay better than any dealer's blowout price on a new one. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And yes, I'm blaming the cell phone!
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    "There once was a note, listen..."
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    Here is the one I picked up. Quality!
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    Thanks, Bird! Was on my way to post about this one. You've saved me some trouble. Congratulations, Scott! This is me, with my custom spec Super, in the buffing room at Parsons Street. Ordered it in 2006. A long time coming, and worth every minute of the wait. It's a spectacular piece of craftsmanship! You'll love it! And kudos on your forward-thinking generosity to your kids!
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    I have heard of guitar like this before...
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    Have at thee! KBP810, there's always a wee dram here with your name on it. Another feature on this model is the silent loop – used by other builders; it’s been designed into the new Allen/Dr. Z coming out this year. Just another innovation from private enterprise. I probably won’t use it because I don’t have a collection of pedals. It may, however, come in handy someday if ever I slave this amp. Ah… So you’ve dropped the gauntlet on my NADs, eh? Normally that would be painful, but let’s go one better! Here’s a shot of my #52 with the creator at the helm. He’s on the interwebz @ http://www.metropoulos.net/dvl1.html
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    If there was a museum, I'm sure that the recently found Gibson employee list would certainly be there! It's been posted on the Save The Stack facebook page. I found a couple of familiar names in the list. Its interesting that Jim Deurloo was hired a month after Ted McCarty! I also saw Aaron Cowles, and Ren's names, but haven't seen Bill Paige's yet. Between 1919 and 1953, there are less than 120 total employees on the list. And talk about hiring spurts. In 1962 alone, they hired about 170 employees! I guess the guitar business was really booming.
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    Here's a pic of the guitar...
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    Since we are dreaming. I would go with their best seller. Tricked up H-535 All the H-555 appointments with Thro-Bak KZ-115 pickups.
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    Here's the blow-out H-137 I picked up - it came yesterday but they recommended I let it "acclimate" for 24 hours before taking it out of the box. Gonna play with it this weekend but my first impressions are that this guitar is a keeper. The quality appears to be very high. No finish issues and set-up out of the box is good. Here it is with my "new" Dr. Z Carmen Ghia: Close-up of the body:
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    Firing my friends for a couple bucks/hr was and always will be a cardinal sin IMHO. When the management lied to my face and covered it by casting me into the layers of bureaucracy, I gave up on them. The golden era was approachable and open. That stimulated me to wanting "my" design. Costs be dammed. I won't trust the new guard and have voted appropriately with the dollars I don't send them.
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    Heritage Guitars, as run by the old guard, sold most of their standard and custom models at what would now be considered "blowout prices". They used to be priced so far below market that we got spoiled. That's partly the reason there are so many older custom Heritage instruments floating around...sold for premium prices...or being hoarded in closets.
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    Hey 212, each and every time I see one of your posts, I immediately fill a special glass with an equally special adult beverage, and slowly read and sip...sip and read until I'm smiling like a love-struck teenage girl. Congratulations on your NTD (New Tube Day) and NHGD New Heritage guitar day! Outstanding Ebay-ing. (Pics or it didn't happen!)
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    I know of two people that went for it. The first was delivered yesterday. He posted that it was delivered and he was waiting for it to acclimate just before going radio silent for many hours. When he posted again, it was ecstatic adulation for his NGD. The second was due to be delivered today to a member here. He has been silent all day. I wonder what he's doing?
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    Liquidating NOS inventory at or near cost is not even close to out of the ordinary over at CME. I lived two blocks from there for years and still know a few of the fellas around the shop. "Overstepping"...yeah. Blame the sales guy. Still plenty of 2018 NOS Heritage guitars on Reverb for those who want to take the plunge!!
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