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    Jim and Alicia were passing through town so they stopped for a visit at the Jam House. After a meal of ribs and German tater salad we jammed for a little while. Not often do you see two 535s in the same joint.
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    https://www.mlive.com/galleries/AZF2MFJS2RDRDPOOQJVK2RB7I4/ Katie Flamm rest the neck of a H535 Heritage guitar on her head as she applies wood filler before sanding on Oct. 29, 2007. Flamm has worked for Heritage Guitar for three years and follows a family tradition. Her father Claude Dean finished guitars for Gibbons and Heritage at 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo. At home in the evening, Flamm has also been teaching her 15-year-old daughter Kaleigh to sand wooden peg head veneers and pick guards. (Kalamazoo Gazette archive photo)
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    I had hoped Sergio Mendez would pick up the tune and do it right. Life presents difficult choices, and in that mode I present the original studio version of the tune, absent my dazzling visual presence but with a living, breathing percussionist, recorded a life time ago it seems.
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    I just was looking at Facebook and a new post said: It is official. They gave me a badge. First day back was awesome.
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    Once the drooling starts it's only a matter of time.
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    I don't know if this qualifies as an anniversary model, it's more of a commemorative model ... but, as the certificate says.... "This instrument, #P00804, is the only copy of this design ever built, and it is the very last instrument built at 225 Parsons Street in the 20th century. " " The Heritage Eagle Centurion is a fitting tribute to the history and influence that this location represents, and a marvelous example of the Heritage commitment to quality."
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    Finally...i did it! I found my 2nd H-160v! As you can see is quite different from the one I already had (on the left): the body is clear while the other is almost cream, and even the fretboard is darker. The other one has a hb SD Jeff Beck, this one is totally original! I just wanted to show you my new toy... 😁
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    For 2000 Heritage did a very limited run celebrating the new millennium with the "Millennium Eagle". Here's mine...
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    In my opinion the 10th, 20th and 30th anniversary models are the best and stand out with their special inlays and appointments.
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    Welcome to the HOC. Have you considered relocating the toggle switch to where one of your Vol/Tone knobs is. Then have a Volume knob installed where your toggle switch currently is. That way you don't damage your top and the mod is reversible in the unlikely event you decide to sell the 158.
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    In mid 1998 I ordered a black 150 from Heritage. My local dealer was told they had just the model I was looking for. He said they told him that Roy Clark had ordered a black H-150 and they made two. I got the one he didn't pick. I never thought much about it until one Saturday night when a buddy called me and told me to look at the TV show Hee Hah. Sure enough Roy was playing the same guitar. Marv told me later that Roy knocked that guitar off of a dresser in a hotel and cracked the head stock. Word on the street is that Roy was picking up a guitar from 225 Parsons and called an employee's wife and sang her a song for her birthday over the phone. I wonder which guitar he was playing for the first time that day.
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    John Lawrence playing his Blue Heritage's at the Blue LLama Jazz Club in Ann Arbor.
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    Aha! Thanks, PK. Well that settles it. Jim is still making sawdust at Heritage. They should bring back a Heritage Bass to their lineup.
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    Hi.. I'm Tommy and brand new here.. I just came into possession of a 1987 Heritage HB2.. As a professional bassist for over 50 years I've owned dozens of basses including some very high end customs and this bass is hands down the sweetest playing bass I've ever layed my hands on.. It plays like butter.. It has immediately become my main bass, over my Washburn 6 string which has been totally rebuilt and plays like a dream and my 1964 fretless P bass which I bought new in 1964 and had its teeth pulled in 1972.. I always thought it was the sweetest bass ever until I played the Heritage.. This bass is so amazing it should be illegal.. The body is transparent going to translucent black cherry, the neck is flame maple with a rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, Dimarzio pickups, and a Badass II bridge.. I honestly believe I couldn't find a finer playing instrument at any price.. Its an honor to be its caretaker and I'm gonna play the frets off of it.. I love this bass..😍
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    Congratulations! And PERFECT guitar chair, by the way.
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    Maybe its an incomplete "0" It looks too short compared to the other letters and numbers. I might just be seeing things though.
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    Well hey there, Bob! Glad you found us here. BSMAN and I know each other from Mark Wein's guitar forum. He's a good guy. I directed him here to learn more about the brand.
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    Agreed! The base guitar (Prospect, right?) with Bigsy is right up my alley, but then add on the bound board, inlays, bowtie(?) and it becomes amazing to me. Enjoy it for a long time!
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    I'm also partial to the 2000 Millies.
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    Hey all! I haven't posted in awhile, and figured it was high-time that I do some more shameless self-whoring. My band released its debut record in June of 2018; I had teased a few songs on here, as I recall. In any case, my Custom H555, which is STILL in my possession, was used for about 75% of the guitar tracks on our full-length album: www.ghostbound.bandcamp.com I am currently offering our album FOR FREE/pay-what-you-will scale. I played the H555 for all of the songs in standard E tuning for all distorted and clean tones aside from perhaps two rhythm tracks and one overdub. I played through an Orange Rockerverb MKII for all distortion and an ancient VHT Deliverance for all the clean tones. At the time, it was equipped with a Duncan Custom Custom in the bridge and a '59 in the neck, but I have had a set of Bare Knuckle Mules in there for ages, now, and I lovelovelove them. 11-49 strings in standard tuning. We are almost done with a follow-up EP, where I used the Heritage exclusively for all the songs. Thanks for indulging me! Regards, Alec
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    If I'm not wrong h-160v and Stat are different models, both have a "strato" shape but they are different. From my research it seems that only 20 h-160v were made... so I had 10% of the world production of this model 😅
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    Jon Herington (guitarist with Steely Dan) has done something similar to Gitfiddler's suggestion with his CS336 -
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    Looking at these pictures....I felt movement down there.... That is one gorgeous guitar!
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    But we and they moved on and that is all that counts. Along with Heritage currently building the greatest guitars since their inception!
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    Thanks...ha , yeah that chair has it's purpose!
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    Those guitars are artistry personified, just like the man himself. Thanks for posting the link!
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    Nice job snagging that one. The 1st gen H140s are GREAT guitars. They feel great to play, and still have that nice solid body/dual humbucker sound. Its a shame it's not in the current lineup, but there are quite a few of them out there still.
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    What an exciting and fantastic 60th birthday gift!! You deserve that SKB, Tad. Like you, I've been a huge fan of Kenny Burrell since a teenager. Looking forward to your NGD post.
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    Wow is right! Congratulations on that Beauty.
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    It's a correction that happens on this forum.
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    I like those cloud inlays (and those p90s) and totally prefer a special inlay like that to any inlay with a number in it.
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    On one of the tours , I remember Jim Deurloo pointing out a 23rd Anniversary model with a bit of pride. It represented the rebirth of Heritage, I believe. As they moved past challenges and kept the Heritage of Kalamazoo going.. I'm a big fan of the hollow trap inlays and the signature inlays on the other anniversary models.
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    Here's a 20th...........
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    I tap tubes with a chopstick. Chopsticks are very useful Grasshopper.
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    You can easily check what kind of pickups they are. Loosen all of the strings. Take out the screws holding the pickup rings. Pull out the pickup and look at the bottom. Then just put it all back together. It's not going to change the pickup height. There should be a sticker or some type of marking on the bottom of the pickup. If you have questions, you can post the pictures and them maybe we can help identify them.
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    This is like encouraging someone to do heroin and once hooked telling them that there is a lot of solid support for them to continue their heroin use. This is how I started out here....I bought a used Heritage and had a question. Then they urged me to stick around and now I have ten Heritage guitars. Beware.
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    To me comparing guitar brands is a waste of time. I've owned a few super high quality guitars as well as more than a few low quality ones. At the end of the day (or gig, session or jam in my music room), it all comes down to that ubiquitous "FEEL" and tone. How does the instrument feel and sound? How does it make me feel as I play it and listen to it? Price is obviously a major factor (since I ain't rich), but that only limits accessibility in my view. Low-to-medium priced guitars are accessible. High prices act as a deterrent...most of the time. My Heritage gits make me feel great. They look amazing, and have something special. Maybe its knowing the company's history, their story, the owners, and builders. Whatever it is, I find myself drawn to playing Heritage guitars more than any others. Yes, I've been seduced by boutique builders as well as Collings, but that's what's great about capitalism...choices. One of my most toneful gits to date is an absolutely perfect, Chinese made PRS SE Hollowbody II. It is as good as any uber-expensive boutique guitar I've ever played. But last night I held my own version of "Guitar Death Match" involving the PRS, a hand made Roger Giffin Standard and Heritage Millenium Eagle. Based on my blue ribbon panel of judges (me!)...he winner was the Heritage. The Heritage made me smile just a bit more than the other two perfectly made instruments. Somehow it made me feel more connected to it. As such, I could not put it down until last night's 9pm curfew time. So comparing guitars is fun. But personally, I don't take it too seriously online or in hand. It's just an enjoyable activity where no one gets hurt.
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    Much better deal on Reverb, but with that "tooled leather" tolex I'd say she looks more like a corn queen ? yeehaw!

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