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    Stephen, since I was the only poster making reference to being safe, I'll assume your comment or question is directed at me. So out of respect I will reply. However, if you are attempting to bait me into a thread hijack about my views on personal freedoms, government interventions, etc. during a global pandemic, I refuse.
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    An H150GT, P90s, a modified champ and a 20’ cable are you need to get raunchy. 5 watts rules!
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    Jim and Alicia were passing through town so they stopped for a visit at the Jam House. After a meal of ribs and German tater salad we jammed for a little while. Not often do you see two 535s in the same joint.
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    + 1 on reaching out to the Heritage Custom Shop: info@petefarmerguitarworks.com Here's a full hollow Prospect that I had built back in 2014. It's an unbelievably well built and versatile guitar!
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    "Be safe" is now political? Well, holy shit. How about, "Take care"? Or "Be well"? No more of that partisan propaganda. Better safe than sorry. Dang. That was probably over the line too. I'm amazed at what can upset some people. Good night and good luck. Oops. I think I did it again.
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    Hello, I just posted a quick loop-video on YouTube of my duo Gramm Art Project (https://grammartprpject.com) looping Johns Scofields "A Go Go" (using a Heritage Prospect Std). Everything is live, just a qick and dirty recording, but I like it (and I hope you enjoy it, too!!! Sure, comments and likes are very much appreciated ;)). HERE IS THE VIDEO: A Go Go (Loop-Cover by Gramm Art Project)
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    https://www.mlive.com/galleries/AZF2MFJS2RDRDPOOQJVK2RB7I4/ Katie Flamm rest the neck of a H535 Heritage guitar on her head as she applies wood filler before sanding on Oct. 29, 2007. Flamm has worked for Heritage Guitar for three years and follows a family tradition. Her father Claude Dean finished guitars for Gibbons and Heritage at 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo. At home in the evening, Flamm has also been teaching her 15-year-old daughter Kaleigh to sand wooden peg head veneers and pick guards. (Kalamazoo Gazette archive photo)
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    I had hoped Sergio Mendez would pick up the tune and do it right. Life presents difficult choices, and in that mode I present the original studio version of the tune, absent my dazzling visual presence but with a living, breathing percussionist, recorded a life time ago it seems.
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    I was getting some buzz/rattle from the original H tailpiece, so I replaced it with a Benedetto style ebony tailpiece I have had sitting around for a while (purchased on this forum from MartyGrass several years ago) and also installed ebony tone/volume knobs. Tailpiece and knobs now match the ebony fretboard.
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    I have one but alas, no seths!
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    Hi guys. this week i got my brand new H-535 in Trans Cherry, couldn't be happier!! I also gut a G&L USA Special, but i I couldn't take the H-535 off my hands! The thing is my amp (Mesa Express Plus 5:25) got broken yesterday (i think i need to replace the valves) and yet i feel that the H-535 got a magic even without amp! I can say, above all doubt, that i can really hear the uniqueness of the woods played on it, not just the strings... regularly when i play guitar without an amp, even all the es-335 i heard, none of them got the magic of the H-535 - such a masterpiece! There is one thing, barley bother me , but still, is the f holes need a little touch-up- the color is not consistent there... but i barley see it, this guitar is so beautiful! I am considering replace my Vintage 30 Speaker to something else. i want a good speaker that will goes well with the H-535. I heard that the Creamback 65 can do it very well- what do you guys think?
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    I just was looking at Facebook and a new post said: It is official. They gave me a badge. First day back was awesome.
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    Once the drooling starts it's only a matter of time.
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    I don't know if this qualifies as an anniversary model, it's more of a commemorative model ... but, as the certificate says.... "This instrument, #P00804, is the only copy of this design ever built, and it is the very last instrument built at 225 Parsons Street in the 20th century. " " The Heritage Eagle Centurion is a fitting tribute to the history and influence that this location represents, and a marvelous example of the Heritage commitment to quality."
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    Finally...i did it! I found my 2nd H-160v! As you can see is quite different from the one I already had (on the left): the body is clear while the other is almost cream, and even the fretboard is darker. The other one has a hb SD Jeff Beck, this one is totally original! I just wanted to show you my new toy... 😁
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    For 2000 Heritage did a very limited run celebrating the new millennium with the "Millennium Eagle". Here's mine...
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    In my opinion the 10th, 20th and 30th anniversary models are the best and stand out with their special inlays and appointments.
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    Hey all! I haven't posted in awhile, and figured it was high-time that I do some more shameless self-whoring. My band released its debut record in June of 2018; I had teased a few songs on here, as I recall. In any case, my Custom H555, which is STILL in my possession, was used for about 75% of the guitar tracks on our full-length album: www.ghostbound.bandcamp.com I am currently offering our album FOR FREE/pay-what-you-will scale. I played the H555 for all of the songs in standard E tuning for all distorted and clean tones aside from perhaps two rhythm tracks and one overdub. I played through an Orange Rockerverb MKII for all distortion and an ancient VHT Deliverance for all the clean tones. At the time, it was equipped with a Duncan Custom Custom in the bridge and a '59 in the neck, but I have had a set of Bare Knuckle Mules in there for ages, now, and I lovelovelove them. 11-49 strings in standard tuning. We are almost done with a follow-up EP, where I used the Heritage exclusively for all the songs. Thanks for indulging me! Regards, Alec
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    Welcome to the HOC. Have you considered relocating the toggle switch to where one of your Vol/Tone knobs is. Then have a Volume knob installed where your toggle switch currently is. That way you don't damage your top and the mod is reversible in the unlikely event you decide to sell the 158.
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    In mid 1998 I ordered a black 150 from Heritage. My local dealer was told they had just the model I was looking for. He said they told him that Roy Clark had ordered a black H-150 and they made two. I got the one he didn't pick. I never thought much about it until one Saturday night when a buddy called me and told me to look at the TV show Hee Hah. Sure enough Roy was playing the same guitar. Marv told me later that Roy knocked that guitar off of a dresser in a hotel and cracked the head stock. Word on the street is that Roy was picking up a guitar from 225 Parsons and called an employee's wife and sang her a song for her birthday over the phone. I wonder which guitar he was playing for the first time that day.
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    This is like encouraging someone to do heroin and once hooked telling them that there is a lot of solid support for them to continue their heroin use. This is how I started out here....I bought a used Heritage and had a question. Then they urged me to stick around and now I have ten Heritage guitars. Beware.
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    Well, it would have to be a Nashville TOM or an ABR conversion that sits on Nashville spaced posts. I think more people complain about the schaller tailpiece than the bridge. Personally, I wouldn't change the Schaller bridge on this guitar. If you play fingerstyle the Schaller bridge is great because you can adjust the string spacing very easy. As far as the pickups, many jazzers really like schaller pickups because they are darker sounding which is perfect for jazz. My advice.... play it for a couple months and then maybe consider a pickup swap based on what tone you are after (again, it maybe perfect as is) and search for pickups that make a tonal difference if needed, don't just switch to another brand just to switch.
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    Very nice. I think you'll enjoy that one for a long time. One comment, I wouldn't use the stand that you have in the pictures for very long. The tubing on those is PVC which is not good for a nitrocellulose finish. At the very least, I would put some cotton over the tubing, until you can get a stand with a nitro safe foam. The Hercules stands are good, and the On Stage stands with the black Velveteen foam are safe.
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    Hello Everyone! My name is Andrew and I go by the user name Dogrel (writer of bad poetry, singer of bad songs, lover of the eccentric and weird, certified smartass). I live in Savannah, I have been playing for 24 years now, and am finally able to afford the guitars I’ve always wanted. I now have two Heritages, a 1987 HFT-445 acoustic and a 1988 H140-CM that was my birthday present this year. I love them both, and they are easily the best guitars I’ve ever owned. My HFT-445 is my “incredible score” story. I found it in a pawn shop of all places, just a mile from my house when I lived in Tallahassee. $140 later (yes, really), it was mine. It had done some time in a bluegrass band before it came to me, and some braces had come loose at the ends. A quick trip to the repair guy later for a reglue and setup, and it sounds like a million bucks. Actually while waiting for it to come back and searching for more info on it, I found the (different) forum posting from the guy wanting to know more about “this oddball Heritage that just came across my workbench”. He was taken by how incredible it sounded and just had to find out more. The H-140 is the new kid on the block, but already it has been a revelation. I’ve owned a similar guitar made by some Nashville-based company, and it just can’t compare. The original Schallers sound incredible and the neck is so comfortable, I finally see what all the fuss is about.
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    Nice! As for a young-un's road trip energy, I dunno about that, he'll learn. I can recall one night hanging out late night around 2am back in Chicago my friend says "Hey, my boy Matt's sister has some cute friends and said we should come out some time." "Yeah? Where's he at?" "San Diego" "I'm down" about a day + and 30 red bulls later we were having a good good time. Also probably part of the reason my heart does that little oohmph thing these days!
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    Family road trips are a great way to get away, but still be safe. Is the factory still shut down?
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    In my opinion the 535 is the finest guitar Heritage has ever made. Goldyrocks belongs to one of my best friends, the Amberburst rest in an undisclosed location and Lady Bird was traded to Mike Novello. Let the tone fill up the inside and feel the air blow out onto your arms.
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    I spot ya, Skinslammer...
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    The Seths sound very authentic in my Heritage.
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    Yeah, next time I’ll try to get a guitar video, for now though here is a still shot of the front of the 150 GT.
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    Here is another interview with the legendary Ren Wall by Kalamazoo Lively Arts. He shows some photos and tells us of some of his experiences, including some with Rem Wall , his father.
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    Hey everyone! Thought you would all enjoy reading my recent interview with the great Rendal Wall that was just published. If you play guitar or even just enjoy music in any way, you owe a huge debt to this great man. For quite some time I have wanted to document Rendal's experiences and his amazing life, so it was a definite honor for me to sit down with him for this great interview recently. Thanks for all of your knowledge Rendal and everything you have done for the guitar. You truly are a living inspiration my friend. - Todd Beebe, Chicago, IL https://bg.buddyguy.com/rendal-wall-guitar-wizard/
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    With the addition of the 2x12 ext. cab, Superfly now owns one of the most outrageous Patriots of all time!!
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    Hello, Mike here. Posting as MikesGtr. Long time (multiple decades) Telecaster/Stratocaster player. Never owned a Gibson or Gibson style guitar, but always wanted an es335. Never found one I bonded with and now I know why. I was actually waiting for a Heritage H535 to find me and the guitar helped me find this site. Anyway I play in a 80/90's cover band in Massachusetts and having way too much fun playing guitar these days. From what I have read so far, it seems like there are some passionate Heritage owners and I am looking forward to reading the content on this forum and hopefully adding to the discussions when I can. Cheers. Below is my new baby.
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    Hi.. I'm Tommy and brand new here.. I just came into possession of a 1987 Heritage HB2.. As a professional bassist for over 50 years I've owned dozens of basses including some very high end customs and this bass is hands down the sweetest playing bass I've ever layed my hands on.. It plays like butter.. It has immediately become my main bass, over my Washburn 6 string which has been totally rebuilt and plays like a dream and my 1964 fretless P bass which I bought new in 1964 and had its teeth pulled in 1972.. I always thought it was the sweetest bass ever until I played the Heritage.. This bass is so amazing it should be illegal.. The body is transparent going to translucent black cherry, the neck is flame maple with a rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, Dimarzio pickups, and a Badass II bridge.. I honestly believe I couldn't find a finer playing instrument at any price.. Its an honor to be its caretaker and I'm gonna play the frets off of it.. I love this bass..😍
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    I'm also partial to the 2000 Millies.
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    Welp. So it begins... I just placed my first Sweetwater order. I guess it's all downhill from here. Lol
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    Maudie Moore ? She is certainly part of the history of Parsons Street. She did the inlay on the Heritage Centurion... I love that the center of the flower has Maudie Moore's initials in it. MM
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    Well they are two of my favorites, especially Ron Wood. When I first put the MR2000 pickups in my Zemaitis I did this demo, and I could hear the Ron Wood in it
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    I was home alone for a bit today so I thought I would Harass the neighborhood. Here is the GT straight into a ‘62 Fender concert on the “normal” channel with the volume on 7 and the treble and bass on 6. This combo shakes the house and it can be felt in your bones. I had the amp in another room with the door slightly open. I was about 10 feet from the door and 20 from the amp.
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    If your Throbaks are SLE-101s they are A2s unless you special ordered other wise. The SLE-101 Plus are A5s.
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    Everything changed as a result of WW1 Great Depression WW2 73 Stock market crash The Dot Com bubble 9/11 2008 Recession dozens of other events in history Things will get back to normal. It may not happen in 30 days, but life outside the house will return.
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    Yes thanks that was interesting. He sounds like a great guy. A life well led for sure.
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    A headline about Heritage that we would not have guessed we'd see... EXCLUSIVE: GIBSON SUED BY HERITAGE OVER FRESH TRADEMARK THREATS
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    Classy upgrades!
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    Hi my first post. My name is Brien I go by beoz. I just bought my first Heritage yesterday it is a 1986 H140 Tobacco burst.
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    Here's a pic of the guitar...

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