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    I believe they're doing well, BUT your source has a valid point, because they went from 22 models AND lot's of custom builds down to 6 models and few custom builds- their output has diminished. Sure, they're signing up new dealers BUT they'll have a tough time holding them due to their direct buy push. They are however financially sound for the 1st time ever and they're quite possibly well managed, which is something new also. They're promising exciting things to come next year and only time will tell. meanwhile the Guitars we're receiving are the best they've ever been in terms of fit, finish, playability and component quality. These folks really pay attention to the details and it's much appreciated out here in the hinterlands. Pete & crew are doing a superb job.
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    Nice read on a Great Man! https://healthblog.uofmhealth.org/cancer-care/bladder-cancer-didnt-silence-kalamazoos-guitar-guru
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    So this is a Hot Rod Super 400 or Super Eagle.. Crafted by Heritage to be the last instrument out of Parsons Street in the 20th century. Some phone pics reduced to low res..
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    My ‘95’ H-150 Deluxe Limited Edition
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    This weekend I am proud to be traveling to California for my son Jeremy's graduation from UC Santa Cruz. He is graduating with a computer science degree and will be working for Facebook. I have twins (Jeremy and Jason) They both play guitar so what better gifts than birth year heritage guitars. I got them almost birthday guitars. One guitar was Born June 6, 1989, One was Born June 7th, 1989. They were born June 8th, 1989 Proud of them both .
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    Show n Tell: Your Heritage 'Hot Rod' Over the years I've had the opportunity to play and own many Heritage guitars, from an Academy Custom, Sweet 16, Golden Eagle, H150, H157, Millennium, etc., etc. Each brings something unique to the tone table. However, one of them stands out for its tone, feel, sexiness and plain old mojo. I call it my 'Heritage Hot Rod'. Its an H150 that you've seen here before. I'm not sure if its the White Limba body and neck, or the SD Blackback pickups. But every time I pick this baby up and plug into ANY amp, she screams! And I can't help smiling from ear to ear. Here's my Hot Rod. Now, let's see yours.
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    From picking up the top at NAMM with Jim D. to Designing with Pete F. My #1 - My money pit.... LOL
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    2003 H-535 Custom with SD Phat Cats.
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    I've got a couple of really nice H-150 CM's that I modded with Unicorn stickers under the switchplate.....which really took the sound of their Throbak DW-102b's to the next level!!!!
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    I have 3. They are all great. From left to right: 2013 Millennium Ultra Pro - I removed the stock '59s and put in a set of Seth Lovers 2011 H-150 - This currently has a set of Mojotone 59 Clones in it with Alnico 2 magnets 2000 Millennium SAE - This has a set of Mojotone 59 Clones with Throbak Alnico 4 magnets
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    Here's some old guy trying to play this thing.
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    I do enjoy clips like this when YouTube's recommendation engine really knocks it out of the park 😉
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    Hangar, part of that might be that the pricing on a lot of used guitars has gone from fair to questionable to completely insane. It started with the '59 LP Burst craziness, and now everyone who has an old guitar thinks its worth 3-5 times what it was worth 10 years ago because it's old and has "mojo". Sorry, but those Norlin LPs from the late 70s with 3 piece bodies that sold new for $600 are NOT all going to be worth $3-4000. It used to be that when you bought a guitar it went down in value. Now people think that after 5 years its worth 25% more than they paid for it. Sorry, but it's not reality. The "collectable" mentality can be expensive. Anyone who has a stash of Beanie Babies, Trolls, or Cabbage Patch dolls will tell you that.
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    I visited Heritage recently and some takeaways from my visit. Ren Wall is such a Great Person. He gave me a tour through the factory. A lot of activity in the shop. CNC machined is in place making bodies for Harmony only. The shop is expanding with a room for buffing and a room for metal machining to make parts for their machines. Pete Farmer has over a dozen special Custom builds going on. Pete's enthusiasm is contagious and genuine. Jim Deurloo is still working in the shop doing his thing. If fact the first time I saw him I went to shake his hand and held me up, he had just nicked himself and was headed to get a bandage. Nothing major. Ren shared stories of delivering Lucille to BB King, playing in a golf tournament on Roy Clark's team and other gems. I told Ren he should write a book on all his experiences. He said at one point he almost did, he and the writer didn't see eye to eye. Ren has been through hell and back this year with health issues. He is on the mend and looks good. Say a prayer for him to continue to heal. I felt good on the ride back about Heritage. Production is steady and they are producing a great product. I put my hands on a few Harmony guitars and was impressed. Nice fit and finish. All in all a Great Visit!
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    The future of Heritage Guitar is brighter than anything that could have been predicted. Who would have guessed that the company would survive the original owners retirement? And now with the amazing stuff coming out of the Custom Shop and the consistency now in the new Heritages coming off of the line. It's an amazing feat has taken place to the little company that should not have survived all of these years. And instead of that historic building just falling into ruin, it will get some much needed attention. No one would have believed it if you'd predicted it. A museum .. yes please. Rooftop bier garden .. oh yes. It'll take some time.. but Heritage Guitar is still alive and well, after many close calls on it's survival.
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    Franz, I know what you are missing. I miss it too but it had to happen some day and it has happened. The Heritage brand has lost it's Mojo. The old timers were the Mojo and it is gone, along with it's best guitar builders who created that Mojo. Now Heritage Guitars is just another business. You can still get a nice guitar from them but it ain't the same. I drove 11 plus hours to visit that factory -so many times. I made great fiends. Now I don't even have a desire to ever darken their door steps again with my shadow. While many on this forum will defend the new Heritage brand I don't like it. They can keep their plaza. I sure as hell will not be visiting their bierhalle.
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    These, the first two from the Pete Farmer Custom Shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I no longer know who i am referring to. Several people on this site use multiple alias'. I can't even understand what people are referring to when they write something, everything is just letters! AWOL, AOC, LGBTQIA, CIA, LVMH, FWIW, HTH, IMNSHO, DGMW, LSMFT, ABFL, BBS, BMTIPG and partial words. L-word, B-word, N-word, F-word, A-word, C-word, G-word, K-word, Q-word, S-word. I mean WTF. Pardon my letters.
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    A few old ones. That is some ugly people.
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    Heritage Guitars was run by people with a passion for making guitars not making money. They made a run of it for over thirty years. The new Heritage guitars are not made in the same environment. Face it the "brand" died a few years ago. The future of the new ownership? I could give a shit less.
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    Hey guys, I just bought my first Heritage guitar and am really digging it! Sounds and plays significantly better than many of the Gibson 335's and Dot's I've tried on music row. Ironically, it was Gibson's "Play Authentic" video that brought me here - didn't know about The Heritage guitars until then 😅 FWIW, the seller told me that the guitar had belonged to R. Lee Ermy, the drill instructor from Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, and after doing a Google search for "R Lee Ermy guitar" I found this pic of the Gunny jamming with another gentleman who appears to be playing a Heritage; whether it is this specific one I'm not sure. At any rate I thought it was a cool story as I really enjoyed that actor. Cheers, Jordan
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    Searching around found these. https://web.archive.org/web/20070329220527/http://www.heritageguitar.com/Heritage Catalog 89 Revised Litho USA Instrument Photos by Rendal Wall.pdf https://web.archive.org/web/20070329220442/http://www.heritageguitar.com/Heritage Catalog 93_ Cover_ Instrument photos by Rendal Wall (Medium).pdf https://web.archive.org/web/20080723112425/http://heritageguitar.com/products
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    Hey everyone. Bought a 150 new this year right from the factory. It's amazing. I'm new to the brand and whatever was "lost" wasnt really lost. It's just changed into a different shape. This is just the future and how time changes things for better and worse. Luckily this is a for better story. I'm a kzoo local and didnt know anyone from anywhere. I was completely disheartened after returning a d'angelico to gc and remebered heritage was a thing my dad told me about downtown. Just randomly stopped by and tried to open the doors to the old building. Locked of course but I called the number off google and Mike answered at the front. He invited me in and took me on a tour and got me up to speed on the history I wasnt even aware of. Also got to play an assortment of amazing guitars in the showroom. It was really a treat. Eventually I made a downpayment on my dream 150. Jim's been there almost every time im there to visit. Everyone's incredibly friendly. Ren even remembers me at the front now. (I'm there too much). After several visits I selected a dirty lemon burst 150. Beautiful mineral deposits in the top. Almost like bear claws. Very non traditional top. Loved it. Saw maybe 50 different flame tops in my visits and that one was special. I was able to make payments twards my dream guitar. (Bobbie is such a doll!) As chance would have it, in the days leading up to me paying it off, an even more beautiful body made it's way to the spray booth and i was able to select this guitar the day it was finished. Was able to show it to Jim on the way out of the factory and the look of pride in that man's eyes is something you dont take for granted. He selected and glued that top. I saw the fletch of raw wood it came from and even have the fletch tag. I really dont know what more I could hope for in the search of a new guitar. I know the mojos still in that building and certainly the heart in the craftsman. Go see them in person if you can. I've also acquired a 1991 535 custom. There is better quality on the 2019 h150. The 91 is a frickin beautiful guitar, dont get me wrong. I'll get pictures up for you guys sooner than later. PSP was amazing also. Glad to be part of the family. Josh.
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    Just took possession of my first Heritage. 2006 Millie. I was playing it last night in my study and my wife called up to me from downstairs and asked if I had gotten a new guitar? In her words she said that "whatever I was playing sounded wonderful". I took it as a compliment about the Millie. During the past few months I asked a number of "beginner" questions on this site. I wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of knowledge that was shared with me during my "quest". I'd still be fumbling around without all the help.
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    2006 20th Anniversary, 2007 H-150 Deluxe and 2006 H-150 Standard
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    Technically, Meng is from Singapore, which is at the tip of Malaysia. Singapore is actually an independent nation, much like Monaco is an independent nation. it is separated from Malaysia by water, unlike Monaco where the country borders France and there are actually houses that cross the border. (that must make things tough if you need a passport to get to the bathroom!) I only know this because Formula 1 races in both countries and being street races, you can look up the tracks on Google maps. I think its strange that F1 races in two of the smallest countries in the world. Maybe they need one in the Vatican! ... and yes, Chico, I agree that it was much better for PlazaCorp and Bandlab to invest in Heritage than to have the owners simply close up shop because no one wanted the business.
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    This Heritage was once lost, but now it is found.... I bought this 535 Custom from Eddies in St. Louis. It was broke in 3 pieces when I bought it. I repaired it and its easily the best sounding and playing Heritage I have had in the last 10 years. It sports Seth Lovers, Tone pros, locking Grovers and Blocks! The best $650 I ever spent!!! 1 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7629 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7630 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7639 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7640 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7643 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7645 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7649 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7656 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7657 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7682 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_8361 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr
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    Been seen here before, but here’s mine!!!
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    2010 H150 GT with Tyson Tonelab P90s. This guitar sustains and sings and sounds great acoustically. The wear is all from my hands. The neck is fat and the wear is much like the top wear.
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    Gibson made a Jimi Hendrix signature strat. The very thing theyre trying to police, they did. . Im sorted with guitar gear for a couple of life times. Stockpile of tubes and strings(I hope the sealed packets are as good as they say) I dont care what Gibson does, I was never going to give a cent to Henry J and I wouldnt give the latest lot of dickheads a cent either if I was in need of a guitar
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    Quite the loaded question. 535/335 has more neck access, the millenniums have typical solid boy neck mount and heel unless you are talking a DC. ES styled guitars are laminated woods and the Millenniums are solid woods. The Millenniums tend to be brighter and more resonant, 535s will catch feedback quicker. Three brand new Millies I have for sale.
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    Due respect to PK, the ES339 is constructed like a smaller Semi-hollow 335/535. The exterior dimensions are similar to Millenniums however. The Millenium's construction is closer to a CS336/356, with a Mahogany center core. (see image below). Millies are Semi-Solid. 535's are Semi-Hollow. Its tone is closer to a solid body than other semi hollow body gits.
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    Actually, trying to IP troll shapes of wood designed 70+ years ago is the very definition of being anti-innovation. But, Mark Agnesi now gets to be a company tool. Gibson lifted the open book headstock from the public domain when they started using it, it was not their design by any stretch. When Gibson drew up the Les Paul body the most popular "solid" electric guitar in the world was the Bigsby and it's no wonder their two dimensional single cut shape is near identical to the Bigsby give/take a few millimeters here and there. If I was a lawyer I'd be happy to go to court with Gibson and show the public all the examples of old world instruments the open book headstock, and the bigsby shape, and all the other stuff they didn't invent. Gibson ALWAYS read/reacted to the market from the early A-Mandolin days to going toe to toe with Stromberg/Epiphone on archtops to conceding to build solid body guitars only because another guy was actually selling them really well up to building shredder guitars in the 80's etc etc etc etc. Always getting in a hair behind to gain market share.
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    I have cats, I'll get them to check
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    And a quick update..time is limited..The Eagle Has Landed! I picked it up after working a long shift just before GC closed Friday night. While it was in transit I tried to determine the return policy. I swear I read the fine print on the GC site, but it was murky, there is "vintage" (3 day return) and there is "used" mentioned with no definitions I could find. So I planned that it would be considered Vintage which meant I needed a good strategy to eval it in 3 days around my work schedule and leave time to get it back there if needed (yes I overthink sometimes ha ha the school of hard knocks at work I guess). The guy at the CA store called it Vintage but it had "45 day return" on the price tag at the CA store. Gitfiddler sent me a picture on my phone which I had ready to show the NJ GC guys. No need, as they explained their used gear is considered "vintage" at the 25 yr mark. Mine squeaked by with a few years to spare. So 45 days it is. In case anyone else is confused on their policy, there it it as per the mgr at the store. Got it home and unboxed..the H case looked like it was brand new..a good sign in deed. Opened it up and I had a small uh uh moment..there was a red wire poking out from under the pick guard. I assumed the electronics would be dead, (I was wrong, they worked). And the pick up was kind of askew, treble end actually making contact to the top. Also the wood block usually in the middle of the tailpiece was in the case pocket (mine had a plain one, no "Golden Eagle Badge") But cosmetically it was in great shape for it's age, some light pick marks on the guard and maybe a tiny ding or two if you really look, frets perfect, neck dead straight with no relief, (pretty much as I do it), and a few tiny marks hardly visible on the tailpiece where the wood block must have been, Tossed on a set of D'Addario Jazz Lights (.012 high E wound G)..the old ones were.. OLD..black and light gauge... I pulled off the pick guard a few times that night (happy to see it was wooden). The stray red wire turned out to be a connection to the body of the pot..a ground wire to nowhere..maybe for a possible coil split for another pickup up IDK. I quickly saw ony two possible adjustments to make the pick up and pick guard position move, the mounting bracket and the pick guard mounting area near the fingerboard, so a small bend of the bracket and a tweek of the height of the of the guard up by the finger board got the pup parallel to the strings and off the body. By then it was after midnight and I was finally satisfied with the little stuff bugging me to actually play it. It was very nice acoustically, having never played an actual acoustic arch top I have no reference points, but it was nice. My big revelation moment was when I plugged it into the amp I had out, DB's old Traynor from the 70's withEL84s. And there was that voice I had heard on jazz recordings , kind of like a bell, so clear, and as RhodesScholar mentioned recently, with the volume on the amp low with the guitar still audible acoustically, it was really special. So a BIG thanks to Gitfiddler, I never would have considered a used one from GC really without having a bro out on the west coast to check it out. And having just missed the local one, this was kind of meant to be.
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    Thank you everyone for the advice on which guitar to choose. After arriving at Better Music in the ACT Canberra, Australia, I went to the room with the nice guitars and played the H-137 and H-150. The salesman kept handing me Suhr guitars for some reason, so I though, why not have a go of them. All the guitars were played through one of those new Mesa Filmore amps. The Suhr guitars were nice, however, they are not vintage voiced, are more modern/less dynamic and did not even compare sound wise to the H-150 when playing a blues style. The H137 also sounded great and had a nice middle range but, as others have said, for a bit more money I think the H-150 was the best quality and value. When compared to the Gibson guitars in the shop, especially the equivalent les paul standard, the H-150 was slightly thinner but much heavier. I like heavy guitars so that was a plus for me. I didn't play the Gibson custom shop guitars and they were about 10 000 Australian dollars anyway, why bother. I do own a 1981 les Paul custom in rough condition, so a pre Gibson relocation guitar. The heritage feels much closer to the les paul custom than any of the Gibsons I played in the shop. Which is also a nice surprise since I love the way my 1981 model feels. So, I purchased the vintage cherry burst H-150 and I'm pround to be a new heritage guitar owner. A brand I never thought I would see in person let alone purchase one of their guitars. Thanks again everyone and there are some pictures below. Mark.
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    Must get sleep...started playing SuperLight yesterday and haven't gone to bed yet. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do. As usual I start with an idea spec it out… rinse, wash and repeat. Then I submit the build specs to Heritage and negotiate what can be done. Then its on! I cannot say enough how much Mr. Pete Farmer has contributed to this guitar. We used to say in the Advertising world when we started a new campaign, that we only wanted people on the team who would “bring something to the party”, not just people who would watch the clock and do their job. Pete brought something to the party in fact he was the party. If you want the specs read the build sheet and then match the words to the photos. A lot of obstacles were overcome in this build, one of those was the Chrome tailpiece. The tailpiece is a short finger tailpiece built by ABM in Germany. ABM does not build a short finger tailpiece in Chrome but they do build it in Gold. I called Peter at ABM in Germany and asked if they would make me a short tailpiece in Chrome and Peter said they would do it as a custom order. That took 2 months. Among other things that are not visible are the physical architecture of this guitar. Pete had to recalculate neck angle to accommodate the floating pickup. Lots and lots of knowledge and math…yes you do need math to build guitars. This is just the latest custom Heritage guitar we have seen (Lance and Big Bobs matching H137s in Korinna and Pauls totally Fab Sweet Sixteen are other recent custom builds). So don’t count Heritage out as a custom builder yet. Enough blah, blah, blah here are the photos.
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    Me too brother. I need an new camera more than a new guitar. For the price of a very nice used Heritage I could get a new full frame camera and all of the batteries I would ever need. Zeldoom, shop used. You can find very good deals on used Heritage Guitars. As for your English... it is better than mine.
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    First post as I recall. Anyways now soon a Heritage owner. 2015 H-530. Should be here next week.
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    5 out of 3 people suffer with math.
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    My incessant plucking at the headstock aside (try it, it's fun! sounds like chimes, too!), I am still a fan of the guitars themselves. I had the H-127 out two days ago. The H-137D (original run, not the pretender with P90s series) is almost always close at hand. The H-127 through the Lyle/Rob Vibrolux, by the way, is second only to the combination of same amp and #3 son's G&L Skyhawk (also original series, with the sickle headstock; well, he continues working that one off, so I guess it's still 68% mine, but you all know how these things go). That amp is magical. But I digress... I'm firmly in the camp of, "yep, the old Heritage has passed", but I'm not firmly in the camp of "this is clearly a bad thing." A quality guitar is a quality guitar and I'm a sucker for value. The "old Heritage" pricing model was a gift, insofar as the absurdly low cost of really well-made new examples artificially depressed the secondary market. The lack of consistency (noted by Rob) also contributed to a non-artificially depressed secondary market. Finding the really well-made units in the used market was an adventure, especially back in 2007 or so. I think for the better part of a couple years the only buyers of used Heritage guitars were me and Brent (mostly Brent)! I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know the original crew and the good folks of the HOC. At a point pretty early on in the HOC, though, the guitars became a secondary concern for me. I hope the new guard find their own mojo and a sustainable business model too. The Heritage heritage would be a helluva thing to lose completely.
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    I'm with you, Pressure. In fact, I prefer no nibs with rounded hot dog fret ends. Mmm...delicious!
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    I picked up a build last week. First one since the BandLab buy in. It took over 9 months to get it done after persistent inquiries on my part. It was a Custom Sweet 16 that I ordered. I went over and picked it up myself. Wanted to say Hi to people I know there but didn't see anyone I knew. Bad timing and there are a lot of new faces. Had a little snafu with the pickguard rocking. I always take my builds to Ann Arbor Guitars to have them set up to my liking. They where very impressed with the build and set up and said it was the best they have ever seen. Had to agree. It turned out nice! Plays like a dream. It's how it should be for pricing of such builds. I am not a dealer anymore because of many factors. Heritage Guitar is putting out a high quality product and I wish them luck. A few cell phone pics.
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    My 555 prior to fitting the Duesenberg trem.
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    What a contrast. Eleven Beauties and four Beasts.
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    Here's my family - H170, H150CM, and a Millennium along with my Dr. Z Mazerati 30th Anniversary.

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